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  • Hey, how do you make those banners anyway?
    Is it like a computer program or a website?
    Thanks for the banner!
    It's a little dark though, if you could make it a bit lighter and maybe put Typhlosion where Lanturn is, you know switch their positions, that'd be awesome!

    EDIT: Oh, and if you could make Noctowl a bit smaller, that would be awesome too!
    Well I can't say I mod over there... but I've had a look though. Only threads I can see is this one about school which also includes discussion on bullies in school (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=422396), and this one http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=421081 although that's out of date and also was in the Debate sub-section (over a month old so don't post there). If the first one doesn't satisfy your idea/s for the thread and all (say bullying beyond just in schools) then go for it, BUT whether the thread stays will be up to the mods in that section, not me (Grumpy Older Man, Kirby, Profesco, Ethan, Little_Pikachu) - I do not mod there so it's not up to me. But that's all of the relevant threads on bullying over there still about, and only one is still active and is more about school in general rather than bullying anyway, so I can't say I see any existing threads on bullying over there either.
    oh! I almost 4got who u were! *no offense* I havent read since the chapter where that man died in the electronics store...who was he again?? I was almost scared to continue at first, but then I hot focused on that stupid rpg forum so...you know...I'll read em soon and thanx for the heads up!
    hey watz up? didnt wnna mess up ur stry by posting in da middle of it. GREAT STORY! but u said you posted this on another site, mind telln mii which 1? id love to keep readin it!
    "I'm not a newbie"... so you should know the signature rules and not need to get it checked then, am I right? The title of the forum doesn't mean that members who aren't new are exempt from posting there.
    i liek your avatar, it reminds me of this cockatiel i was petsitting. dang bird bit me every time i tried to give it its cancer medication...
    I don't really like their red eye or rabid state. I prefer them when they're natural or docile. I think they're adorable normally =3
    I love Ood Sigma. He was just awesome and adorable =]
    Real fail dude you just keep trying to have the last word and you just don't ****ing get it do you.

    You kept twisting my ****ing words in the Fic Idea thread, trying to make me sound like some ****ing dumbass/arrogant person. You never read what I wrote, you just automatically assumed ****, then to top the crap cake you were giving me?

    You basically say Omg Yami ur liek supporting these parents who'd have a healthy kid to chop to pieces to save the sick kid from cancer!

    I was ****ing disgusted by that and disgusted by you, you know why? I saw a Law and Order case, of about the same exact thing you wrote out, only the parents let the healthy kid be raped and molested so they could get money.

    So yeah. It's not Lulz I can't let go of the past. It's more like you put your foot in your mouth to many god damn times and I just am sick of you and sick of dealing with you.

    Understand now?
    FAIL BAN WAS A FAIL. It was done by a hypocrit.


    Plz for the love of god stop talking to me. Stop trying to twist my words. Stop posting in my profile. I am tired of your obsessive behavior concerning me.

    I have you ignored for a reason
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