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Last Activity:
Dec 15, 2012
Nov 27, 2008
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Leeds, UK
psychology graduate

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Cheese XD, from Leeds, UK

lugia*master was last seen:
Dec 15, 2012
    1. purple_drake
      Next year. D= So loooong.

      I'll be waiting. =3
    2. purple_drake
      SPAM=='Stupid Pointless Annoying Message'. Generally against the rules, but hey, I'm showing appreciation for the subject of a fic idea in the fic ideas thread; I figure it counts. XD

      *cough*Also I just mourn the lack of Lance fics.*cough*

      Seriously though? If you write this, I'll be there and reviewing it. *would honestly prefer to hold off critique until then 'cos she knows how just summarising ideas can equal misunderstanding and the actual story==better than the summary*
    3. InverseExceptional
      Wow. You are an incredibly hilarious failure. lol.
    4. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      Bloody forums. See what they do? They screw posts up no end.
    5. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      The fact you delibrately did it maybe? An accident would be an exact duplicate of the previous post which the forums are forever causing, a double post like the ones I keep having to merge would be different. I'd ask you kindly not to act like I'm an idiot.
    6. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      Zah? Those double posts would be exactly identical and what the forums cause quite frequently, nobody has a problem with those. Yours however were completely different and delibrately posted at a later time when you could have hit edit.
    7. 1# manga fan!
      1# manga fan!
      Yeah I agree, Yami needs to kick it down a notch
    8. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      That... made little sense.

      I know the Fanfiction rules inside out because I originally wrote them, double posting one reaons like that is one of them, ho hum.
    9. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      Several hours? Yeah thats the problem it's not an extended timeframe like nearly 24 for something reasonable. While a review is, you could have so EASILY editted your post but no had to make a separate. And hard to not know when there's no other posts there.
    10. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      Multiple places, one such instance rior to me merging is:

    11. Zephyr Flare
      Zephyr Flare
      Could you please stop double posting for no reason whatsoever. Thats why edit post exists.
    12. Brumrha
      The Bloodfrenzied Squirtle...
    13. Brumrha
      Pfft, I'm not afraid of her... matter of fact, she should be afraid of him.

      & yes, you'll now get a review from me.
    14. vaati
      Cool. Have fun and happy birthday in advance.

      Il have a look at your fic later, providing my router doesnt die again.

      vaati out.
    15. Killer_Squirtle
      i know how they work it was just a message to anyone who visits my page
    16. vaati
      Im surprised noone else pointed out that random line where I pressed enter. O_o

      Mind you, I never noticed myself.

      Anyway, thanks for doing a properly constructive review, all points are noted and will be taken care of. Hopefully.

      Thanks. Is our abuse war over?
    17. vaati
      Thank you.
    18. vaati

      I like to check whether im the only person with a problem with people. Is that reallx a bad idea?

      "Im 9 years older than you"

      Couldn't give a ****. Maturity is based on mental strength, not how long youve been alive.

      You can disable VM's if you dont want people reading them. PM's are private, VM's are meant for any and all to read.

      Downright sad?

      Not really. Im fairly happy with my life.

      You still havent said what was good/bad about my crappy fic yet. Do so, and I may respect your response.
    19. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      Yami, just because no-one in the RPG?Anime/Manga did it, doesn't mean it can't be done. There's always room for something new, and I think it's worth a go.
      Oh for the love of christ learn to read. I meant it as TEAM ROCKET HAS DONE MORE THAN JUST A FEW THINGS. Stop commenting to me. Stop replying to me. Stop making me have to face palm and realize oh lord. Did it reply to me? Oh yep it just did.

      I have you ignored for a reason. You were supposed to put me on ignore for a reason. Please stop stalking me.
    20. Brumrha
      You can't get into the actual title thread - only the mods can do that, unfortunately...
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    Leeds, UK
    psychology graduate
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    P.S. Yami Ryu, if you're reading this, I'd just like to tell you that you have the same birthday as The Queen! ;D