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  • Haha, well, I'm actually halfway through a review for that story--that's why I noticed your VM when I was checking out the author's profile. I generally don't review unless I can say something helpful, though--or have the energy to do so. Reviewing properly all the time is haaaard.
    Ahh. It's just that the line 'There was nothing to say it was a story. Nothing at all.' implied that you thought there is absolutely nothing about the story to be saved, because it can't even be classed as a story; that's all. I do agree it needs work, but that's what reviewing is for. ^^
    I'm not sure that I do. You seem to be separating grammar and structure from story and judging them as presenting a story on their own merits, when in fact it's all these things together which make the story: grammar, structure, characters, plot and all. You can say there were things wrong with it, but I don't see how you can pick pieces out and say that there was no story in them, when it's their relation to everything else which holds the meaning.
    Not to be offensive, but your story reeeeeeallly needs beta-ing. There was nothing to say it was a story. Nothing at all.
    Not true!

    It does need work, but to say that it's not even a story? It's actually better than a lot of beginning fics I've seen, and it has more potential than many.
    I sent you three of them? Haha! Sorry about that. I am just sending friend requests to very active reviewers. Can you send me your Reviewer Profile?
    That explains why I can't find any of the problematic words in it...

    In any case, I don't know what else to tell you other than to either try it again at a later time, or get a mod to help you...
    Have a good look at your chapter in question, & use the announcement that I've shown you to find out what exactly is causing this.
    No no no, don't do that. Just because it's giving you the Internal Server Error, doesn't mean that your post is uneditable...
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