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  • Hm? When did I ever say that? You're the one that was acting like that. Seriously do you have a five second memory of what you write? First you don't want me to review, then you do. Asking for a review/to be reviewed is basically wanting to be reviewed.

    and don't bother reviewing any of my fics if that's they type of thign your going to say.

    and then I'll repost it, so when I'm done, you can tell me if it's got any better, and I'll improve on your review.
    I also honestly don't care if people want or don't want my reviews.
    pphht. That's quite sad.

    No u.

    And this is funny. First you don't like how I review. Then you don't want me to review. Then you insult how I review. Then you claim I review what wrongly. Then you tell me omg stfu u dun no mai lief stalker' when I was making a general assumption due to your general lack of seeming knowledge over breaks, you then tell me you don't want any nmore of my whining.

    And now you want it? Sorry that's now how it works. When I say pretty much, I washed my hands of reviewing someone, they are pretty much left alone.

    You got what you want :)
    Dogs can still bite and take down people and not kill them. You just had the Houndooms pussy footing about and not even acting like real pokemon. Pokemon are stronger and faster in most cases, than humans, if she jerked and kicked one in the face, the others would have been able to grab her by her leg and jerk her down. Yes there would be injury, but she would be alive. You give them poor reasons to not do anything. So what are they supposed to do then to get her exactly? Nip at her clothes and whine? Look intimidating? That's not a guard dog. That's not anything.

    You keep making the Houndoom pathetic and you don't realise it. You keep giving your character crutches in that situation, and when she was injured, how she was injured, and rushing it didn't help.

    It's not whining- but if you only see it as such then fine, continue to lolligag in your puddle. It doesn't affect me if you want to continue writing poorly.
    Dramadog. Aka a Houndoom made weaker than it should be, to avoid character being hurt for silly reasons such as kicking a dog in the face and yet breaking her own leg the next second.


    If a simple dog can manage to do this, then those Houndoom fail to be anything more than simply bad plot tools to cause Drama.


    So what you're not able to gleam the 'your character isn't breaking correctly, you're breaking her to much. Tone it down and sort out the breaking of her head and mind' 'You also are rushing everything' 'your character is doing things that are a tad unrealistic' 'the dramadogs are unrealistic', from my review? Wow.
    ... so me just saying you've probably never experienced a break or multiple breaks, or atleast not have a good enough history to draw upon, is ooooh bad?

    And if I remember right, commenting on the region wasn't the only thing I did.

    So ye you might want to stop the argument now as you kinda show how much of my review you read --;

    I was trying to help someone understand he was putting to much on his plate and that realistically if he was going to have a character in a region with all 400 pokemon available, that it would be a pretty big damn region as outside special parks, zones and events, all the past places only had a select few pokemon- granted a few hundred is not alot considering the amount of species each continent I used in comparison has, but pokemon are bigger, stronger and in some cases more agressive.

    And no that's not over reacting. This is over reacting. I just won't bother to attempt to help you with another review :)
    First of all, 400 pokemon in one region is enough. Don't want to understand? Not my problem. Adding more pokemon ontop of that, causes it to be even more 'unrealistic and crammed'. Top it off that, I have seen people who DO attack plot and DO get away with it because oh they are nice, so please.

    Don't complain about how I review- and I won't complain about how you, review. If you still don't like it, go join the little fangasm organism that's made up of people who can't decide if they like how I review or don't.
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