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  • Well I just has a microscopic profile makeover. I changed my avvy and made a small change in my sig. I'm going to redo my entire profile once the username change thread opens and my name changes.
    Hello. ^_^
    Long time no see.

    We'll enjoy these updates (and SSBB, and Mario Kart Wii, and- *is whacked in the head by a baseball bat*)
    You get the point. XD
    Hi everyone and welcome to my profile. Uhhh where to start? Feel free to give me a visitor message saying hi but no naughty stuff because like my sig its guarded by my Shiny Palkia. In case your wondering the car in my profile picture is a FPV F6 Typhoon which is my favorite car which means it's cool just like the stuff on my ipod. If you want to be my friend go ahead as long you are someone that goes on the game fourms. I love the games fourms.
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