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  • As a result of inactivity from August 18, 2010 until the time of this message, your claim on Koffing on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    Hey sorry about responding late but sure I'll come after your badge. Give me a time for tuesday that is good for you
    Idk personally I prefer training its my favorite thing to do in the games can't get enough of it, and what belt are you and who do you think is going to get moved up to the E4 basically who do you think are the top 4
    Ah that's gay but you don't gotta if your just a gym leader right hopefully like darkai00 and natopotato22 and the other two best would become the E4 leaving gym slots open
    It wasn't bragging. Saying "I'm so happy I won, good game." isn't bragging. It called being hapy. I didn't know I had the power to win, so yes I was happy. Bragging is saying, "Haha, I beat you! I didn't so great and you didn't!" I never said that.

    I'm not crying, I'd never cry over someone I don't know. But doing impressions of me saying "I won! I won! Suck my **** cuase I'm so much better than you!" it's a little mocking. That's flat out rude.

    So what? I was happy I won, because it was my first win over many battles with him. I had a right to be estatic. I was crazy when I LOST to Nato 1-0. You can't brag if you lose. No, I was happy because I saw myself improving. That's why I was happy.

    Besides, I won 2-0 against him today and barely did anything. Are you really gonna mock me for being happy once? I was happy because it was like overcoming an obstacle that I had worked long and hard for. Sorry, for being so enthuastic. Didn't mean to annoy you, your majesty.

    Just next time say it to me and don't go behind my back and tell everyone else that. I'd really appreciate it.
    Exactly that. You went behind me and started doing impressions of me and saying I was bragging. It wasn't bragging. I was happy, but you wouldn't understand because you weren't there. You had no right to talk about it the way you did.
    I gave the win to you since I was down. Dont know what happend but I should not have used a new team. Anyhoo gg
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