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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I'm playing Gran Turismo 4.
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    It was found earlier today to be a hoax.
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    If the pants fit...

    This thread infuriates me to no end. Can't people just live the way the want without someone else bitching about it? It sucks that being fat is unhealthy, but I doubt one will make a big impact on the "obesity epidemic" by posting a whine thread on a Pokemon forum. Really? What have fat...
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    Our neighbors ****ing beg for everything. If it's material, they'll beg for it.
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    Stupid things that people have done in real life.

    Same here. I had 4 gigs of valuable data on mine too >_>
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    I'm fat. Thought I'd bother you by saying this.

    I'm fat. Thought I'd bother you by saying this.
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    If the pants fit...

    I'm fat, and I can go a full 24 hours without eating.
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    Official Nintendo DSi Thread

    I sure as hell hope that game stores are giving trade-in credit for old DSes, toward a DSi.
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    Any games that you regret buying?

    A horribly crappy game called Corvette Evolution GT. I will not hesitate to say EVERYTHING about this game sucked. The cars controlled like bricks, and THE REWARDS FOR WINNING A RACE WERE BETTER HANDLING. The cars themselves looked lumpy and misshapen, and nothing at ALL like their real...
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    we miss you dude

    we miss you dude
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    Cartoons today: Why do they suck?

    It seems the primary audience is growing up, while the network is sharply regressing.
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    no you're too old your vocal chords are mush YOU CANNOT ROAR

    no you're too old your vocal chords are mush YOU CANNOT ROAR
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    OUTDAATED old-timer

    OUTDAATED old-timer
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    Does that make YOU crazy?

    iT sHoUlD bE rAtHeR oBvIoUs wHy soMeOnE woUlD hAtE tHiS.
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    Cigarette baby's mother sentenced

    Being cynical never made you cool. It only makes you a dumbass. Anyway, I'm not sure which one is worse, the baby being forced to smoke marijuana or this.