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  • if you still want to trade the starters which would be very nice. you can do what i showed you... go into the pokecentre down to the blue room and go on(btw you need to add my details which is Dawn -3867 4886 3622- and you can bring what you want to trade. dont know when you want to do this but pm me back. btw we can talk when we trade its really cool :) thankyouuuu
    if you want me too make sure your dragons dont die i can look after them for you i dont need your password i know how to get into your account but i cant get you any eggs you will do that ok ;471;
    if you want to trade with people on the forum you have to have a wireless router and go downstairs in a pokemon center into the wifi club but you will need to have a pal pad to register peoples names and friend codes you can get that by talking to the lady in the wifi club and you can go upstairs and trade if someone is near you
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