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    Never seen you change your avatar before. Tis a surprise.

    And have you seen Weedle's recent arguments in Pokecommunity? I'm getting a chuckle out of it.

    I also realized that I haven't spoken with since Christmas. So hi.
    Haha. Your conversation with Weedle Mcwhatever is golden.

    Heck, I remember how stupid I was in junior high. I made a bunch of angry rants about how religion was evil and how we had to destroy it. Then I grew up and realized that it wasn't religion itself, but fanatics that took it way too seriously that were the real problem. In time, you will understand more about life, and then you can make your own decisions.
    The funny part is, he isn't in junior high. His youtube profile says he's 18.
    I don't dislike the place. SPPf owes a lot of its roots to BMG, and it was the centerpiece of quality Pokemon anime discussion back in...say...2001. But ever since Serebii became the major fansite player (Ruby/Sapphire release), BMG has become a haven for the Weedle-types, who are enabled infinite liberty. The SOVA debacle didn't help matters, which they've only recently finally axed. Though what probably irks me most is the fanbase's reliance on Bulbapedia as gospel, which is - when you think about it - just another Wiki.
    I'm not sure if there were any other threads Pie made, it was mostly just replies to certain topics that are probably hard to find now, considering these posts are from 2005 and 2006 when Battle Frontier was still airing in Japan.

    All I remember is her doing a lot of feminist ranting, and it usually wound up against girly things like contests.
    You should go research some of Pie's rants on BMG about feminism, it was ridiculous. Try searching for some old debates, it was pretty lame how she played the feminist or sexism argument for everything

    I'm sure you've seen it before.
    Considering he said his next objective is to shut down the porn industry, (lol), I think the more he posts the more I wonder how severe the guys mental illness really is.

    To be honest I pity him, its not that he's a nutjob, (ok, he kinda is) its that he's medically diagnosed with an illness that corrupts his thinking process. Its why I don't get why people get so riled up by what he says, the guy is not mentally stable.

    He'll probably wind up in an institution with people in white coats once he gets older. Its kind of sad, really, in the 6 years I've been a part of the Pokemon fandom, he by far has it the worst of anyone I've ever seen. He should really get himself some medication if he's not on some already.
    As much as I wish it were just a cheap imitation, I'm afraid we're one in the same. Well, bar Grave-E's lack of weekend dinner-related metaphors and his general existance being relatively unknown.
    I remember reading somewhere that Weedle suffered from some mental illness, and that during trauma, heard May's voice, causing some psychological hatred towards her, and so on. Am I correct in saying so, or am I way off track?

    I can't say anything on the matter, though, since I myself have not seen over half of AG. I'll remind myself to look into that over Christmas Break.

    Chocolatine would be the basher, I presume? If so, it seems like you were in the right in doing so. I commend you somewhat, good sir.

    Again, I put this on mental trauma, unless you can contradict me.
    Hate Club in my name (awarded by chocolatine of GameFAQ's)
    Epic Fail (awarded by Jo-Jo of Bulbagarden; also happens to coincide with user title)
    Ban Threat (awarded by Weedle Mchairybug)
    LOL. What did you do? XD
    Well, I'm not quite sure on how widespread it's popularity is, but I can't go a day without editing SOMETHING, and from what I've seen it's pretty well known on Bulbapedia.
    Well, I'm Electivirus on both here and TvTropes, so...maybe I didn't understand your question all that well...oh, and TvTropes has been hacked. :(
    True, true, but at least I back up my reasons about that arc.

    Its kinda sad though, about this guy, he's treading the fine line of becoming a second Weedle. He isn't there YET, but he seems to be almost over the edge.

    Not to mention, I just find stuff like that to be so pathetic. The guy is 20 years old, and this is what a fully grown adult comes to a Pokemon forum to talk about?

    Seriously, WTF?
    I saw your post in the Favourite members thread and decided to check Pokecommunity out. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places, but it's the biggest congrecation of nutjobs I've seen. Seriously the Kanto and Misty fans with their deluded post Johto biases suprised me in their numbers, never even realised that many were around. Your posts seem to be some of the few worth reading, even if they think otherwise.
    You know, I really didn't know about that rule. I made it clear that she will be there for a cameo, though, so maybe people can be mature and handle it nicely. Besides, I don't really know how to close a thread myself.
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