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  • It's alright. With rumors and speculation come not only those who take them as fact, but also those who create the flame wars. I love to discuss the stuff but it gets really heated. Not so sure I want to post rumors on BW anymore. lol
    I would have sent you message by quoting your post on the confirmed bw info but I got to it late so I'll post it here.

    You mentioned the rumors I originally posted. It seems you thought I said they were true. I can assure you I never did. They were just rumors. The thing about leaks is the there might be some actually true info, but people continue to add stuff to them too make them more interesting.
    So no, I did not say the rumors were true, I just posted them for speculation.
    sorry if this sounds like a rant, your post just seemed a bit downing on my original post and acted like I don't know what I am talking about.
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