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  • There ain't much to say besides that I gained some weight and I had a run-in with a retarded Christianity-obsessed kid who thought I committed sacrilege after I said Jesus' existence is about as plausible as my left thumb covering the entire galaxy in grease, but I could make that a story.
    Nah, mine should be hotter. This one has too many dark circles under her eye, and her boyfriend's hairstyle sucks.

    Although I wouldn't mind having a motorcycle...

    Poach me one nao.
    My mom changed out my laptop a few months ago so I wasn't on for a while, I'll see if I can redownload the software if I haven't already (if I have, I just didn't notice it).
    Nah, mine be a lot shorter and shrimpier + full of baby fat by comparison. How's everyone been faring in my absence?
    Heh, I wish. Mostly it was the higher-ups in the court charging him of some apparently serious felonies and crap that got him so worked up, but I'm sure everyone in the vicinity would agree that they'd do the same thing if they had the chance; he raised taxes like crazy and spent it all on spoon-feeding the poor, lazy bastards in the north and on enormous blimps for a zeppelin contest.
    Nah, he's coming dangerously close, though. Also, this may be old news, but our old president died falling off a cliff (which was suicide). It was the biggest lulz to be had that month.

    Also, the press says they've seen KJI grow even more old, discrepit, and zombie-like than before. Hope he gets smothered by a huge 340-lb cue-ball lady in the bedroom and dies choking when she gets on top and begins to ***** about how his match stick can't fit between her thighs.
    Lol, where's the picture even show my ears? They're... covered in my hair haha. And my hair's telling me that it's time for us to board- anyone caught without a crazy hairstyle will not be-
    Weren't Berserk chapters banned from Mangafox because DH sued them or whatever?

    I'll look on spectrum, or wherever the hell those lawsuits haven't gotten their hands on.
    Also, how far are the English releases on, in America (onohedidn')? I think I recall seeing a 26 review on ANN a few months ago, so they should be right at about where Guts meets the phallic kid at the beach right about now...

    Can't wait to see these chapters translated properly by DH one day, and hopefully Femto will give that Cthulu dickwad a hell of a fight with his haxorzz powers of godly buttrape. =/
    Whaa, Femto isn't just limited to the spiritual realm? ****, Guts would've been mincemeat if Zodd didn't intervene back at the snowy hill, then. That mother****er dispersed Guts' cannon fire 5 inches away from his face without blinking and crap.

    Wait, also, the chapter hasn't even come out yet? Damn. I never get the patience (or memory, unless you remind me :D) to check up on the series every few months (Hello, what happened to biweekly, ya schedule-breaking mango machine?!), so I just forget about it for half a year and buy the volumes as they come out, lol. Although the pace in which Miura (oops, was about to type Griffith there) puts them out is REALLY getting on someone's nerves...
    Well, yeah, I've written more than my share, but I've got better things to worry about than reviewing some shittastic adaptation off a crappy series, particularly my constipation. >_>

    The site would sound interesting, but bandwidth is expensive and I'd need a host or donor or something, too much of a hassle for now. Missed two essays that were due yesterday and now I'll get rape*****d if I don't turn it in by next week, for example.
    I've had enough of the tl;drs for a lifetime, so that's one offer I'll pass up...

    Animenewsnetwork and a few other site reviews have done more than their share, anyhow. ~_~
    Ugh, I said this before (not to you, but who cares) that isn't a mango or comic book or whatever, just my middle school yearbook from 4 years back which I occasionally fap to, lol. This's the actual pic in full size.
    What the faaaack, it's like I hadn't heard of you in seventeen decades and you popped out of the blue just like that.

    I rarely change out my avatars/sigs over here for some reason (since this avatar's been around since the day I joined on this account I think, and I've had this sig since last May), so I'm probably not going to. Does Carl even come on here anymore?
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