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  • ****, my icon display thing got broken after I tried installing the newest gomplayer software and it froze me chilly dillies.

    I'll see if I can pull the plug and it'll work out better. Bebackinabit
    Nah, I'm spent after posting image objection gifs over to him via pm all night and it's eleven, so I'd call it a day. Still shameless about the fact that I went through twelve year old skank photos on a middle school yearbook and fapped to it madly, and I'm proud. >_>

    (did it in my dad's bedroom in broad daylight, by the by. lawl)
    Oh, I accidentally made a news topic on the debate forum and got my *** chewed out by some twenties-hick reading through my internet text typed on a clipboard that blatantly denied any participation from the government in the deaths of those four few Korean guys who got an F-18 crashed in their apartment, and the asshat... repeatedly expresses his need to "make you a joke and ge teh topix closed" as his only motif in even posting in the damn thread. Wow, look who woke up cranky at twon in the morning! What an immature-assed dickwatt.
    I have added your friend-code [4296-4678-1074] on SSB: Brawl. Please add mine [1204 0721 3643] and then contact me when you have done so.

    If you do not wish to add me, please still contact me and tell me so.

    Also, that's quite a delightful profile picture you have there.
    Lol, went on MFG for the first time in five months to find that you got the cross in the name again? The staff were eager as hell to give me that ban 'cuz of that Punxx who apparently finds my "huge walls of text, sentences," to be annoying as hell to his retarded ass, but even with that japaonphile, unilingual 80-IQwhitetard defending you, you got the b&? That means all three members in that Asian group I founded are all empty atm... V_V

    ****, at least tell me that ban isn't permanent...

    Steel ball ru-
    But at least the enemies that I make have like 32 times the intellect that all three of your main ones combined, only... eh, Rudol, TGD, and Sloth's IQ-points combined would likely result in either the 45-digit decimals or in the negatives altogether, so that ain't saying much...

    And yeah, I'm either getting my laptop screen fixed or getting a new one in its place soon, shudder in anticipation as I expand my hard-drive memory! Shakeshakeshakeinfeer, Mantrain-Forming Goblins you!
    Started posting, you retarded rabble. See the connection to me and your inability to accurately articulate your first language, sumothaearth? Either way, I should so grab that towel now, someone pinch me ALREADY!
    I was here since new-year's eve three years ago, going on four in January bub.

    And you'd know it if you'd have gotten yourself modded in your long, breakless stay on here.

    Chong-il would be so ashamed of you right now you disgrace, now post that picture I HAVE OF YOU!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    So, what was Chongil's last name again? I'm like Professor oak, oh how he forgets his own grandson's name and his rival's; don't those Pokemoncreators do some thinkin'? Oh wai, the post-secondgens have proven that they don't, and the animumango and merchandise all the more. V_V
    You gotta put ê¹€ìž¬ë™ in your MFG signature by the time you're unbanned, and sign every post with it. Peace out, Jaedong Kim. May the Chong be with you ilways.

    -김승조 (Seung-Cho Kim)
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