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  • Oh nice. Yeah doing the own site thing is tough but it does give you a lot of control and opportunity to do things. The guilds (and comp) section has sorely been lacking since early summer so it's good to see people coming back in time for sumo lol
    you welcome :3 I was breeding that for someone in my guild and ended up having spares left over but glad it worked out for you :3
    thanks and you welcome hope you enjoy them both which the wailmer should be at least a 4 to 5 iv and it has 4 egg moves on it already so breeding that one should be easy :3
    how are you awake now but your not sure silly :p anyway I can get my 3ds quick and trade. I first have to add your wfc in though..
    yes it is which about to go to bed though which I can defiantly trade tommorow ;) I have them in box for trading :3
    hmmmm I am off tuesday all day so if you want to trade then that is fine but tommorow I will be home late after 10:00 pm eastern timezone normally...if your still up or not at work its up to you...
    that is fine no worries, I have to work though tommorow but it will be late in the afternoon so it has to be before 4:30 pm eastern timezone. I will have them ready for you tommorow :3
    tbh I don't really need anything in return I don't mind helping a friend out :3 I know you since my first guild opening up so I don't mind ;) I think i still have a spare female in my bank but I will have to breed the poochyena. I will message you when there ready :3
    yeah sure I can breed you them :3 and I have alot of stuff which I still play wifi heavy more then showdown :p i use to be in a trade shop with someone else so I have quite a collection with hidden abilities and ball choices and etc.
    lol why didn't you come to me silly :p I have ha wailmer in dream ball which has 4 egg moves on it already and I have ha poochyena in luxury ball :p I can breed you one my friend if you want them :3 the poochyena isn't iv breed yet though...
    Kids these days are spoiled with Toa Mata with bending joints, unlike the ones we grew up wth that were set in place.
    I remember when the sets were, like, 9.99 USD. I still need to check out some actual toy stores for their prices.
    Hi, it's GenosectArceus from a long time ago, but with a new name.

    What do you think of the new Bionicles?
    I just saw them at my local bookstore, and I'm a bit coflicted about them.
    What happened to the guild Vader? Is it closed forever? I already joined another guild thinking yours was closed forever so sadly if you put it back up I won't be there, farewell Black Ice :(
    Could you please post the past 2 week's Bionicle news in the BBBC Serebii Forums branch? I can't do it because I was the last one to post, and I think it's time the thread was bumped.
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