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  • Disregard the google searches I told you about IMMEDIATELY! The new 1st post on Page 2 is fraudulent! Of course, if you've already signed all of the petitions on ipetitions.com, you don't have to worry.

    Also, I've heard word that Lego will be pulling the plug completely on Bionicle by 2011, so we get no 10th Anniversary!
    The Mandalorian Armor.

    Well George could have another 20 or so years left in him. Hard to say what we'll get in that time. I do think they should stop once he passes on since without him there is not point in going on.

    Nope, but have heard about it.

    Well I have always at a feeling that there is going to be an order 66 on anyone that went to Skyline.

    Question time. Do you think we'll get any more Star Wars movies down the line? I mean there were years before episodes 4-6 and 1-3. We might get a 7-9 down the line with luck. Mr. Lucus did say he had nine movie ideas. the three before, the 3 after and 3 after 4-6.

    I've been looking around the Internet for more "Bring back Bionicle" petitions, and they have a few on ipetitions.com (why does everything have to begin with i these days?). Naturally, I've been quick to sign those I could find.

    I found them by Google searching 'Bionicle Petition'. The ones I signed are the 5th result on the first page, and the 1st result on the second page. There is another couple on the first two results, but you have to register to sign them.
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