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  • UPDATE: The member who started the rumor was referring to a thread from LAST YEAR which has since been removed. Hopefully a staff member will clear things up.
    What I do to e-mail them is go onto their site (Lego.com) and search "Contact Us". Then I select "Customer Service: Contact Us", click on e-mail and then follow the prompts.

    Just as a warning, you will have to give them your details, such as name and address.

    Let me know how you go, or if my explanation sounds too confusing.
    You should see the one were Darth Vader calls Palpatine to say the 1st Death Star blew up, or the one that shows what happens after they fall in the Sarlacc.

    I agree. Maybe I should suggest that, if not for Bionicle, then perhaps for their other lines.

    BTW, I'm also a member of the Lego Club, and there's a small rumor that the Stars may not be the last sets. I doubt the rumor's true, but I'm looking into it.
    I e-mailed Lego again recently, and they said that they discontinued Bionicle sets because the line wasn't getting very many new fans. They also said that the Stars will be the last sets they will release. PERIOD! I mean, they didn't even say "in the forseeable future" or similar this time! I fear the worst.
    The Robot Chicken 's version of it made it so much sadder :(

    We are one of the same

    And I did it with out killing younglings

    I'm not really a sports fan. I play them, but don't watch and such.

    I e-mailed Lego yesterday, but all they relpied with was exactly (i.e. copy paste) what they wrote to BZPower, getting me nowhere. I will have to see if I can follow this up.

    PS. Just out of curiosity, have you joined BZPower yet?
    Hello ^^ yea I didn't draw all drawings yesturday due to the other stuffs and my sickness(not any flu or anything bad like that)..so the drawing requests that I couldn't draw,yea I asked the owners that I would finish theirs today and I did...so yea too much...':) exhausting...so hows it been?
    The storyline will be going for the next year or two. Apparently, no new sets frees the author, Greg Farshtey, from having to use particular characters, so he can make more stories similar to those on Bioniclestory.com.

    IMO they should at least make more miscellaneous characters like they did with the Stars sets that were released recently. I'd like to see what Helryx and Kojol look like.
    Well I've been pretty busy these days,with al the drawing requests,chores,homework,anger management thingy,and others...yyyeeeaahhh,that is exhausting...':) BLUE today wuz mah blue day ^^ not tha meaning of sad
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