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  • Hello since we are both friends with Crown and both in the two eeveelution groups I thought we might want to be friends.
    Hello I see you are on PM me if you have something you want to say, oh and how has your day been thus far?
    Hello there is there a way we could call you just like maybe Alexanderofgreil? there is a character in SSALEX'S comic with that name.He is a clone of Alex [saiyan] and is human due to the fact that Alex was a prayer answered by god.However he is very different since he ran away from satans lab because he wanted to follow the light. He weilds a two handed holy blade that was blessed by the lord.When he saw the death of one of his most treasured friends he vowed to destroy the black knight who wields soul edge now.when he struck down samus,a girl who wields psychic powers and was also injected with dna samples of the chozo and the metroids also.He vows to bring her back to life so they may be together. :) that is if you're ok with that.
    Hey! Thnaks for joining the Veggie Haters group. You should also join the Tokyo Underground! If you do, please mention my name of helping you join.
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