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  • I suggest getting into the habit of leaving a comment every Saturday so I don't have to come and remind you to revive the group every week like I am doing now.
    Cool. With that being said i'm abolishing the Katfe. I'm going to ask snowflake for a banner for Kyurem's Cave and possibly an avalanche one. Wait you do art right? Think you can make a decent one?
    I was thinking about having the members have their own little shops in the market. Before saying anything just listen/read first:

    -A member can purchase a shop for them to own starting at 1000 DD.
    -They start as a Lv 1 Shop and can sell a maximum of 3 items for up to 300 DD.
    -They can Lv up to Lv 2 for 3000 DD and can sell up to 5 items for up to 500 DD.
    -Lv 3 (the max lv) costs 5000 DD and they can sell up to 7 items for up to 1000 DD.
    -Once they have a shop they can either buy ownership to already existant items for their original price or create their own (must consult with us first).
    -Once they own they can alter the price and name. Members can also buy ownership to other member's items and shops. (they have to negotiate that between themselves and inform us) -However, to keep things interesting at the beginning of each month the shops have to pay a "tax" to keep their shop open.
    -Lv 1s tax are 50DD. Lv 2s tax are 100 DD, lv 3s tax are 150DD.
    -Failure to pay tax result in an "Avalanche". (a Black ice form of bankruptcy)
    -Any items that were in an Avalanched shop go in Kyurem's Cave.
    -All items in the Cave will be available for purchase to all owners for their own shop.
    -Members can name their own shop and have their own banner (Of course we must approve everything to keep things appropriate, fair, and balanced)

    After all we're a Guild so why not let our members make a profit theirselves? Also for the hell of it i was thinking of having a guild level up event where the guild chooses a pokemon (that fits black ice so either a dark, ice, or dark&ice type pokemon) and we use DD to level that pokemon up from Egg (if it's able to be in a egg) to 100. Once we reach 100 all who contributed will win double the DD the donated. Plus if the market idea i suggested is used we can use the taxes from that as well.

    This should keep members busy and hopefully active for a good deal of time don't you think?
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