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  • Oh, that's sad. Hope you ucan reclaim that account some day!
    Yeah, I was the one with Kyogre, pretty weird story if you ask me... ^^' But thanks, I really love that shiny and it was partially a reclaim hunt as well, so I'm glad I'm done with it.
    You have some courage and determination to hunt a starter like the 4th generation's ones. Not only do they take relatively long, but the chance of getting an uncatchable shiny is there. I admire those who hunt that way. Pretty impressive. You get all my support on that Chimchar, good luck! And thanks, I'm doing my best. Hoping for any of Shaymin or Magnemite to shine. c:
    Oh, so you're cocoadragon !? I was wondering where you've been! How are you ? I don't know if you know me well but I hang out often on the shiny thread! Why did you change account, by the way ?
    I also learned that you were GlassTheDragon on Youtube! That's awesome, I didn't know that! I suscribed to you, by the way! Hoping to have nice video like you, someday! :D
    Good luck wih your hunts, especially that Chimchar! Sorry about the uncatchable Starly though... I wish it won't happen to you again!
    Hahah, thanks! That, unfortunately, didnt happen, but as long as I get luck over the next week or so...I don't mind. Good luck on Chimchar though! It's quite intriguing to see people's progress with long SR hunts like Chimmy (and of course, Fennekin!). It should feel like nothing compared to the Fennekin SRs though >_<

    Congrats on that as well, and on Fletchling! Wonderful shinies! Good luck in the BQ.
    Yea, Hasty is pretty good for it. I guess the race is on.. Just watch, you're gonna catch up to me I bet lol.
    Thanks! And good luck on Fennekin, hopefully it doesn't take nearly as long as mines did! No one should have to go through that.
    Cocoa!! Long time no see :] and thanks! I've also been following your videos; gratz on your recent shinies, especially that Giratina!
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