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  • Sorry for the delay >.<

    I get that about not having needless suffering xD.
    Are there any characters you've thought ought to be together and arn't?
    Aaaaah, I'm really sorry to hear the last part, but I'm glad you can finally focus on things that actually interest you rather mandatory stuff, y'know? It's too bad I know literally nothing of french or english lit or I'd try and discuss it with you ^^;
    Personally, I'm not really doing anything much! Preparing for christmas mostly.
    I'm doing super! Yeah, I'm guessing both of us have changed a lot since then, I know I have for sure...
    What're you up to?
    Would you explore possible unrequited love? Say from May/Brendan/Lucas/Dawn. In their regions haha. Not cross region love. Though that would be a thing. People do long distance in RL all the time haha.
    I agree. It's so nice that they added touching moments into ORAS. Norman/Mother/Player characters. I don't know about you but i also liked the Lati southern island encounter. To me it displayed idk just emotion from the Pokemon.

    It would be more realistic. Though time consuming if the nurse didn't heal the pokemon in a little jingle and there you go all fixed. Never mine that Machamp just tore the head off somthing haha
    That's what it should be like tbh. Attacks should look like they do damage. Though how many times does one want to see a Dragonite bleeding to death? Or Pidgey shocked to death -_- haha.
    Still it's nice to make the series as a whole more mature. They did a better job in BW1/BW2. But XY just ugh. Undid everything that was good about gen 5
    I'm sure you will. You wouldn't know your not from a country where English is the main language. I hope you get there with the prose. I'm sure your work is epic xD.
    Would you ever include adult themes? I mean like death etc
    Haha. You can just see Wallace meeting the male gym leaders saying in a slea*y voice "Heeeey guyyyss"..... o_O haha.

    Your Italian? Wow. Your English is fantastic :). But yeah i'd be more than happy to read your work. :D
    That is epic!!! no joke xD.
    I would love to see some of your work if that's alright? Fan stuff can be better then what we are given sometimes. Plus more freedom. I.e not so much for kids -_- hah.
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