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  • What blasphemy is this? I go to my Sent folders to copy and paste the original message, but it's not there! Something's not right here...

    Anyway, yes, I'll take you up on your offer. I can get you any pokemon of any species with any nature and (legal) egg moves. I can also get you a shiny pokemon if you want. I have a shiny Machoke, a shiny Meditite, a shiny Shellos, and a shiny Octillery.

    However, someone else is also taking up my offer for a Rhydon. If you can get me a Brave Rhydon (or Rhyhorn, they get mimic too) with mimic with the IVs 20-31/30-31/20-31/x/x/05 before the other bidder, we have a deal.

    Think you can do it?
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