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  • Just to let you know you should stop replying to your own wall, I don't notice it. I'm sure you could think of another one, I mean really the legendary rule is pretty much my only restriction, well besides the height.
    Sorry about turning down your friend request the first time, I accepted this time though. We were just on bad terms then and I though you were crazy for friend requesting me.
    I didn't say you suck at SUs I just said it wasn't good enough. All you have to do is expand it and make it sound better. I would just like you to choose a different pokemon. I'm sorry.
    I heard that razorleaf recomended you to my rpg "the pokemon inn!" what I recoment you do before you make your sign up (if you make one) is read the story and rules top to bottom, then read all posts already there, (not su posts if you don't want to, but they are good examples) and then and only the copy and paste the form into your post and follow everything that it says and then delete the extra stuff. (such as the rules in the form ect.)
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