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  • If your unable to get the Johto Bank starters I'm willing to breed a set for you with their HA.

    (I really like Air Bender too! I don't know that I've seen ALL the episodes 4 times though.)
    That's great to hear! I don't like the idea of leaving a hunt behind until it's done, so it's nice when other people keep going too! Really hope you get it (and soon) this time around =)
    You haven't seen me posting on the thread, but I'm still around. It was great to see a post from you again!

    But yes, I'm really glad that something actually turned shiny! Yamask is a pretty nice shiny though, but I do hope the actual Sandile is a faster hunt.

    Good luck on your hunts :D
    It's great to see you back! Yes, I try to keep my list updated and I try to leave in everyone who was in need of luck even if they haven't posted in a long time (most people seem to come back at some point, even if it's after a very, very long time - such as markasdarkas!). And I see since you sent me this message, you've found a shiny - congrats! I liked how in your quoted post, you noted that Cofagrigus was a pokemon you "currently" didn't like and now you're sort of over it :p And then you find a Yamask! What a coincidence :D But I really hope you can eventually get Sandile, and I hope your future hunts don't take anywhere close to as long as this hunt! It'll be cool to see if you join me in Mistralton Cave or not, though either of your options seem like good ones!
    Congrats on finally ending that hunt, it's crazy how long that ran on for! Hopefully whatever you go after next will be nice and quick!
    I love the shiny thread too. It's so diverse, though we lost a lot of people I wish were still here today. It's hard to see people leave when we stick together as a family like that. I agree with you on safaris; I was hunting Tangela in it because it was the only way in X/Y but after 10 phases, I got bored, ahah... Original odds shinies are definitely more special to me (though I'll feel the same way for a MM in 4th gen; odds aren't too low).
    Nice plans for Alpha Sapphire, too! I hope that future shiny Mudkip won't take too long; nothing more annoying than waiting after a starter to start an awesome game. I hope they keep the same "Professor is attacked, pick a Pokémon quickly!" scenario. Always loved that exciting moment. I mean, it's much more interesting to defend someone in danger than pick a ball on a turning machine...
    I don't know if I should congratulate you for the 30k encounters or not, eh... I guess I'm admiring a lot your patience. Good luck with Sandile, don't give up! It will come eventually!

    How about Avatar ? Anything new ? :p
    Sorry for the wait! ... well, if there was a wait, of course! ;3

    Bats, uh ? Not bad, at least not something like "dog" or "cat" (nothing wrong with them; I love both, but I think it's not really original as they are usual favorites). Mine are zebras. That is why I think Blitzle and Zebstrika are amazing. <3
    Everyone knows Buneary is evil; it even learns Frustration by level-up! But honestly, its shiny is amazing, no doubt about that. I can't wait to start MMing for it; I plan on hatching one with a nice annoying moveset to match with Klutz, ueh ueh. c: I don't like hunting for roamings (that is why I never got to hunt one) but I think it should be made at least once. It must be at the very least reassuring to know you can always come back if you flee, you know. Unlimited second chances. You can save and be fully sure about finding it again the next day. And for such a beautiful shiny color, Cresselia is a nice target (though I don't plan on hunting that darn one anytime soon).

    I wish I wouldn't have taken the shiny charm in X but it's too late now. I don't feel like starting over again after all my game contains at the moment.
    To summarize; nothing better than a good ol' 4th generation shiny with the BEST sparkles ever to shine with! :)
    Good luck with that Sandile! 30k is definitely a long wait, so hopefully your target is the one to shine and soon! But whatever shines will definitely have been well-earned :)
    Once you get a little bit detached to your à la The Last Airbender expectations, The Legend of Korra is really good, believe me. You just got to dig their universe. :p Well, Team Avatar will be "redone" (nothing big or impressive, trust me) again with Korra's friends, but you will miss Momo, no doubt. A thing I dislike about The Legend of Korra, though, is the huge place love is taking. You know, in The Last Airbender, love was subtle and had its funny quirks; Aang always getting interrupted by something but kissing a few times, Sokka dragging girls and falling for any, Toph secretly blushing to Sokka... But in Korra's adventures, it's a heavy part. I don't think you'll ever see an episode without a kiss or some big romantic hint starting from like the third or fourth episode...
    Makorra is a great thing, though. You'll see! :D

    It's rumored that Book 3 is coming out on June 1st. I really hope it's true because I'm dying to see the next part. So many questions but no answers...
    I'm starting to have the feeling you've got something for crocodiles! Some favorite animals of yours perhaps ? :)
    Tha elusive bunny is playing with my minds! Buneary was the first shiny I ever attempted to hunt by myself and it was MM on Diamond, but after like 10 eggs I got bored and tried, sometimes later, to chain it, to no avail... I'll come back for it on Diamond once I get that blue sparkling hedgehog first! Cresselia is such an amazing shiny; I was really tempted once to hunt for it, too, on Diamond. Assuming I get some sort of shiny boost and find all my targets within a month (which will never happen, let me tell you that) or in a small gap of time, I might consider to try and challenge myself to get a shiny Cresselia on Diamond (mine on White 2 is caught, plus I prefer 4th gen shinies :3).
    Random shinies would be great if they were rare, like in the fourth generation. A random 1/1365.3 shiny Pumpkaboo is far from rewarding, but cute nonetheless.

    I think if the odds stay just like in X and Y, I won't try to get the Shiny Charm. I will complete the Pokédex, though, but not try to get that magic bracelet (will never say no to the Oval Charm, though. This thing is amazing <3). Shinies that way are kinda cheap... :( And the Friend Safari is just silly place where shinies are raining from.
    Hunted that Mudkip on HeartGold, and I'm so proud of myself. Never tried to get a Hoenn starter in HG/SS ? o: Amazing feeling. Kovu is still in HeartGold, waiting its friend Magnemite to come. è_é

    You won't hit 50'000! Trust me! :)
    I'm not sure if you watched The Legend of Korra yet because I'm uncertain if "finally watch" means "finally watch it again" to you, but here goes...
    The Legend of Korra is a whole new universe. You might even be disgusted or unpleased at how it is handled at first because you liked The Last Airbender so much. Well, I was a little bit disturbed by The Legend of Korra in the first episodes. Korra's adventure in the first Book is all in Republic City, and nowhere else. And it's much more modern than The Last Airbender, too... Something I liked a lot about the Last Airbender was the travelling and the new places almost every single episode. It changes in the second Book, though, going from the South Pole to Republic City with the trips into the Spirit World within. :p
    But you will like it. I don't think it's as good as The Last Airbender (not many sequels are better than their prequels anyway...) but it's still really good. Characters are so fun, too. And you might just support Makorra like I do! :D

    I also just drew Korra: http://th02.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2014/138/6/e/always___korra_by_princeofmay-d7it83f.png ! What do you think ? :D
    I won't give you the deviantArt page of it because the description might contain spoilers!
    Congratulations on that beautiful shiny Cyndaquil of yours, Lunafloon! You really deserved a shiny, and at least that's something! :)
    Aaaah, shiny droughts... Well, I can go two months for a shiny if I'm willing to. I had no problems going after Kyogre for two months because I wasn't thinking about anything else but these... Oh my god I just want to start my next hunts! *starts jumping around* There's a Buneary MM on Diamond and a Ekans SR on HeartGold that are waiting for me and I just want to start hunting them! @_@ As much as it drives me crazy, I don't want to stop Shaymin and Magnemite just yet! I love shiny Pumpkaboo too but it was completely random... There was almost no satisfaction coming with it, you know...

    I actually hope the odds go back to 1/8192. Forcing people to always have Shiny Charm odds is just stupid, and honestly, Black and White 2 did the right thing. Let people have smaller odds if they want to.
    Oh, you want a shiny Mudkip, eh ? *smirks smirks* ISN'T MINE JUST AMAZING !? ;D
    Just teasing you a little~ <3

    But I agree that Hoenn is amazing. I might just squeeze somewhere a hunt for a shiny Rayquaza. What a beautiful looking shiny Pokémon...
    Don't say that! I'm sure Sandile is about to shine! No way are you getting to 50'000 REs, Luna!
    Oh do not worry. We all have other things to do. And with the final exams coming soon, do not expect me to do much more! :p
    I'm actually in a month drought, if we discount that MM Flabébé and that random Pumpkaboo in X (I don't call these shinies too satisfying). And I expect it to drag me for another good month or two... *sigh* So many shinies I wanna get before Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby...

    Well I think I watched it like 1 or 2 times since I wrote my last message and I since calmed down. :3 OMG are you reading in my minds, Lunafloon ? I started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender like two weeks ago and I finished it within a week. Also recently finished The Legend of Korra few days ago. It's so addicting, but I don't think I should rewatch them just now... The fact Katara's 85 years old and that everyone I loved is dead in Korra's timeline just sank in. But it's definitely my favorite anime (or cartoon, whatever you call it)!
    WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BREAK UP WITH HER MAKO! ;_; I'm such a big Makorra (Mako x Korra) supporter...
    Okay okay, now I see clearly!
    I remember the Honey Tree hunt! A shame you never got a shiny, though... Sorry about that. :( Fruitless BQs for almost a year ? Painful! Hope Sandile or anything shines soon! Did you get anything between, like in X or Y, where shinies are raining there ?

    Well that's cool to catch up, I mean I think you're happy to know the news! Seeing you talking about Kyogre really pushes me back, though! It all happened within a day and I was pretty much sure it was over within that day as well, but thank you! c:

    It makes a lot of sense, don't worry. I wouldn't be surprised if mine was actually the one not making sense, so don't be ashamed. xD

    Off topic; have you ever watched a movie many times without being bored ? I don't know if I'm crazy or something but I watched Tangled 10 times within 3 weeks and I still feel like watching it. Help. 8(
    I'm fine, thanks a lot! :)
    My oh my, how many BQs are you at ? I kinda lost track of all your hunting I don't even... Okay let me just get this straight... You aren't making a BQ in Platinum (normal run with special shiny starter and Porygon), you have a BQ in SoulSilver and in Black 2... right ? At what BQ shiny are you at ? And what are your teams at the moment ? Your current hunts and their numbers (encounters, soft resets, eggs, run aways...) ?
    July, really ? You didn't come since JULY ? Man you missed a lot, seriously... I actually got nothing in July but my shiny count boomed in August with some of my favorite shinies. But the most epic thing was back in February 28th, also known as "my worst day ever", where I lost a 2 month hunt shiny Kyogre AND my precious 16 years old cat Cosmo. I was really depressed but I never gave up and shiny Kyogre came back after not even 24 hours since I lost it. This was such a good find. I couldn't even believe it.
    I'd like you to list me down all of your actual hunts and their numbers since I'm really curious and also because I wanna keep you on the forum as much as I can (>:D) and maybe bring you back to life!
    Good luck with your hunts! c:
    Wow, Lunafloon! How are you!? :D I remember you clearly! I see you still didn't get your Sandile nor a Honey Tree Pokémon, uh... That's too bad, but big congratulations on that amazing Porygon, though!
    It's too bad that you come less often on the thread, though I assure you that your latest post was a real surprise! I truly enjoyed learning more from your hunts! :)
    I don't know if you'll remember me but I hang out often on the shiny thread and I believe we did talked once, so... :p
    Oh, Lunafloon! Great to see you again. Congrats on Porygon! It's a lovely shiny, I definitely could've hunted it on my BQ.
    Speaking of which, I did get Giratina way back in February, don't know if you saw it. Hopefully Sandile does shine for you now! I'm also hunting it in Relic Castle, but I'm only at 5,105 REs.
    Nah I'm not planning to do one after or before the elite four. I might do that in another BQ but for this one I'll stick with the usual eight. And thanks for the congrats! She's a Chandelure now, fully EV, and I <3 her. I hope when you get to Litwick it shines a lot quicker for you then for me. Don't give up on Relic Castle either! My Yamask took 14,454 ER's to appear there(shone on my birthday =D). Something's bound to appear soon! And besides, if you give up the game wins, and who wants that to happen? XD. Good luck!
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