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  • Hey, I saw you on the soccer thread (nice little rant about Suarez :p) and decided to say hi. I see you like Sapphire, that was my first game! And I also have an Xbox.
    my favorite pokemon game is white lol. i've never played sapphire, so i'll probably get alpha sapphire.
    Of course <3. Ruby was my first Pokemon game, as well as one of my first games... Ever. I'm so glad we're getting a remake. ;u;
    Edna is cute <3. I like her design a lot. I can't wait to see the next few characters~ (hopefully there won't be a loli/shota…)
    I've already seen the screenshots via the AbyssalChronicles tumblr. So far the game looks great. I just wish they'd show off more Alicia. ;-;

    I like all three of the girls, but Lailah/Lyra is my favorite. She looks so... Nice. She Kind of like Grune from ToL imo (not so much in her outfit, but more in the face and hair... Maybe it's just me). Meh
    Aw, I'm not getting the CE either. It's a shame, 'cause I really want that model of Ludger's watch. :< I didn't get Symphonia's either, and I really wanted the Colette and Lloyd figures, bleh.
    I looked up some of the characters yesterday, and I really like the looks of Celica. Is she good?

    Oh, this is a random question, but I was wondering: what would your top ten tales of characters be? For me, personally, it would be...
    1. Zelos/Tear (I'd probably say I like Zelos more tbh)
    2. Sheena
    3. Judith
    4. Mint
    5. Grune
    6. Raven/Luke
    7. Natalia
    8. Chloe
    9. Elize
    10. Uhh... Farah and Philia, yea
    Honorable mentions go to Arche, Colette, Cheria, Leia, Hilda, Jay, Rutee, and Sophie [/spoil]
    No, but I do play online sometimes. But I don't have wifi anymore, so I can't play online anymore, bleh :,(

    I've never played a Blazblue game before, are they any good?
    I like Talim too <3. My favorites are Hilde, Pyrrha, and Sophitia.
    Oh, I love Cammy too. And Sakura. And Dan. gosh, there's so many characters I love lol. I think i'm pretty good as Rose and Sakura, but I can't say as much for the others, hehe. Do you play any other fighting games? I also play Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat.
    Yes! I love Street Fighter games. <3 My favorite characters are Rose and Viper. What about you?
    Same here. I REALLY don't want to miss out on Hearts, especially considering Amber and Beryl are two of my absolute favorite tales of characters. But I have no money. ;-;
    Hmm... yeah, sounds logical. Any hints on who else'll be in SSB4 (i'm still waiting for Chrom hints >>).
    Yep, I've played all of them (minus SSB4, of course). Oh god, Im gonna be mildly annoyed if Palutena doesn't make it >>. Yeah, plus more female characters <3. (I only play as female characters btw... it's a personal thing.)

    ZSSamus is always hot lol.
    First I need money... Yeah, it's great. \o/ I haven't really met too many people with the same taste in characters as me, lol.

    Aw, better luck next time, i guess. :\ All of the bosses in FFX are pretty hard though, if i remember correctly (it has been after years though, after all).

    Good luck. ^-^
    I don't have the HD remake. ;-; I should probably get it soon, lol. Oh, my favorite FF characters are... Aerith and Tifa from FFVII. I can't decide which one i like more xD.
    Oh god, Yunalesca. ._. She is so hard (at least in my opinion), bleh. Best of luck, friend. D,:
    Oh, I love FFX <3. Lulu and Yuna are my favorites, but I love Rikku and Wakka too. I only play games on weekends and breaks, so i probably won't beat Symphonia any time soon lol. :\
    Nothing interesting, I mainly left to play Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (that game is amazing btw). I haven't beat it yet, I'm only at the Temple of Lightning as of right now. <3
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