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  • I'm fine as well. :D

    It's nice to see you back on Brawl again. I took a small hiatus from the game myself, actually.

    Most of the Brawlers here have died. XD
    If you ever want to Brawl with others, have you ever heard of All is Brawl?

    It's like Serebii, but it's dedicated entirely to Brawl.
    It has been quite some time Lunar! How have you been?
    I was starting to think you had quit Brawl. :0

    Your Captain Falcon was an absolute beast! Dx
    Do you main him over Marth now?

    Oh, and nice Jiggs as well!
    I posted this last month but just noticed that I posted it in the wrong area.

    Sorry to hear that. I guess it's due to outside issues...

    Well, if you ever want to rejoin, just send me the same information.

    Until then, good-bye.
    Hey, Lunar. Sorry about the lag today. My AiB friends that were in that match (WEDGE and AlBo ArBaN) usually don't lag. It must've been a distance problem. >.<
    Lunar! Good games from yesterday! It's been a while since we've last played.

    Anyway, I've returned to Serebii since I'm no longer part of that machinimating group, and I still have spare time on my hands.

    By the way, I noticed you met my AiB friend xWeegx. d:
    If you want me to leave VM on your profile when the brawl starts. As I would also join smashboards as possible, however I want to join "Art community" soon or when I will get my own laptop/computer.
    Only one day left, and this is the third time I've sent you messages, without a response from you, regarding a tournament. I don't want to have to kick you out, due to these problems, but continue to ignore me, and I'll have no choice.
    5 days left for the Little Giant Cup, since the one-week extension was used. Just letting you know.
    hey a message from Wiimote

    He quit Serebii so he won't be coming here
    BUT you'll find him from All is Brawl if you wanna brawl or talk with him
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