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  • I thought it was sort of worse than usual, but maybe it's just me.

    And sure, if you want to. In the meantime, I'll see if I can't dig up my friend code.
    See, it's not that easy to keep switching between characters, is it? And yeah, I have Mario Kart. Did you want to race or something?
    Marth is cool. :3

    Zelda's a good series. I've loved OoT, as well. ^^ I've never played MM, but I want to. Maybe if it's released as VC...
    Thanks. ^^ R.O.B. is my top main, so I'd expect him to play batter than my other characters. :p
    Yeah, Fire Emblem has good songs, although the best weren't chosen for Brawl. I would have liked to see Wheeling Corby in Brawl. F-Zero suffers from the same problem, by the way, espeically with the GX music. I found out all three GX songs in Brawl actually fit better on Big Blue than PTAD from using music mod so many times. ):

    My favorite song in Brawl has to be Hidden Mountain & Forest. It was my favorite song in my favorite game of all time. ^^
    Yeah, I admit Zelda: ALttP made up most of my childhood. xD
    Alrighty. Save backed up, and Fmusic mod set to Fire Emblem Theme. I'm ready when you are. ^^

    By the way, I have to host, or we'll desynch.
    Of course I am. ^^ I can basically set it to any song except songs in the data, but aren't used (like Beware the Forest Mushrooms and Ballad of the Windfish) or nameless SSE song edits.
    I don't like items, to be honest, so you can keep them off. :3

    Lemme backup my save, though, in case music mod screws up my data. :/
    BTW, what song would you like me to set my music mod to?
    That's okay. I managed to become a part of a few of your battles.

    As for today, I'm going to be busy, so I can't guarantee anything. I send a VM when and if I'm available.
    In comparison to how I normally play, I'd say I'm pretty terrible with my mains in Wi-Fi. Though I guess in the entire lag-afflicted spectrum, I'm pretty good nonetheless. But yeah, with Marth, it really sucks, because you could perfect all his skills in normal play, but then have practically nothing to show when you get to Wi-Fi, which is why I gave up using him, or anyone, really, in particular. I'd say lag is always unavoidable, which is a shame, because it Brawl would be such an awesome game if the online was better (mainly in regards to lag, but there are some other aspects they could improve a lot, too).
    Marth is my main, too (in standard games, anyway), and the character I'm best with, with Pikachu following close behind, but I can't play either of them nearly as well in any sort of lag whatsoever. In fact, they're completely atrocious in lag when you compare them with how I can play normally. And for the record, your Marth holds up in Wi-Fi far better than mine (comparatively... or so I believe). And the main thing I lose is any sort of edge game.

    And traditionally, I just choose between Final Destination, Battlefield, and Smashville.
    Well, I guess we'll never know. I just know that I was able to hop straight back on Wi-Fi without delay. And I understand that Marth is one of the most lag-ravaged characters, which is why I don't use him more in Wi-Fi, and instead just opt to choose randomly. Since really, Wi-Fi has barely any correlation in terms of normal gameplay.
    My connection didn't go out when it was dropped, so it must have been yours, or possibly Nintendo's servers went down for a second.

    And the lag at first was caused by my brother downloading stuff on his computer, so once I got him to pause it, the really awful lag stopped. Yeah, I gathered that it was Skull13 who joined the matches.
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