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  • Surprised that you contacted me today.

    Um... Contact me again around 3:00 PM (Eastern), as there are things that I'm doing at the moment.

    We'll play Mario Kart Wii, this time. Then, we'll make an attempt for the contest that I started recently in Brawl. Is that okay with you?
    Now, I'm going to say that's all for tonight.

    I'm surprised that our chemistry in Multi-Man Brawl was so good. I ended up with a few new records and saved all the replays (Except for that unfortunate Failure. Stupid lag.).

    Well, good night.
    That's all for tonight.

    Great games. You weren't kidding when you stated that Marth was your best. I look forward to seeing how far you get in the tournaments.

    Good night.
    Okay, but it'll be a 5-stock, 10-minute, no item match. That'll work much better, and really test us both.

    Give me 10 minutes to eat dinner first.
    Hello, lunar spirit1100!

    You up for a Brawl or a Race? Since you joined my club, I think that it would be wise for me to know exactly what I'll be up against in the tournaments.
    I would, but now's not a good time, seeing as I have to leave for work in about fifteen or twenty minutes. But usually if I'm on Serebii, I'll be available, just so you know.
    I'd love to Brawl. ^^

    I can't right now, though. Perhaps later, though. :)
    I'll register your friend code when I'm on.
    Those were some pretty intense matches. Most of the time, the lag wasn't too terrible, except for those patches where it slowed to a crawl. Yeah, the Marth ditto was probably the best match. But I think I might want to rethink my strategy of switching between 20-plus characters in the course of an hour and a half. I started getting confused after a while.
    Indeed. I have to admit, your Marth holds up a lot better on Wi-Fi than mine (he's probably my top main, but I play drastically worse with him in even the slightest of lag).
    Sure. Is 3-stock, no items okay with you? Eh, either way, I'll be on. You can make the room.
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