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  • Youre my opponent for the first round. I can battle you almost any time today, or after 240 PM EST Tomorrow.
    When would you like to battle for battle city? I'm gmt +1 and mostly hang around the CC xat as MEGA_MANECTRIC. I'm available most evenings.
    Hey, I can battle anytime outside of New Year's Eve throughout this next week, so just give me a time that's best for you and it should work.
    They seem fine to me.

    Are you per chance using Google Chrome? That seems to keep messing up the way sites load. If you force a refresh, it should be fine.
    Sorry I got a little busy, I have a long weekend so I should be able to play tomorrow through sunday.
    looks like it's sept. 1st. i'm off work for the weekend so i should be good to do our match whenever is convenient for you
    Anytime tonight should work, tomorrow I have work from 11:30AM - 10PM EST so I can't battle between those times.
    yo dude, i think i missed you. my brother went to the hospital after his match today so I didn't come home as quickly as I thought but I got on ~9:15 not sure if that was too late. that's my fault though -- any time tomorrow work for you?
    sounds good man, i'll head there around that time tomorrow but i'll let you know if i won't make it or something comes up for me
    Bro, my last VM was saying that you get on at 10:00 PM AUGUST 2ND. You weren't on lol.

    And my VM from YESTERDAY stated that
    "Ok then, lets do it 9:30 PM [Aug 4th] (MY TIME) which is 9:30 AM [Aug 4th] (YOUR TIME)"
    because you werent on at August 2nd.
    It wasnt my fault I went on at the right time.
    Please complete your Partners in Crime IV match against justinjiaxinghu by 12:01 AM (GMT -4 / Eastern Standard Time) on Tuesday, August 6th.
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