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Last Activity:
Mar 26, 2014
Mar 29, 2011
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Shiny hunting :)

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Team Starshine

Lunarasammy was last seen:
Mar 26, 2014
    1. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      It will now. Only just registered you, sorry.
    2. Lord Fighting
      Lord Fighting
      Hi, I added you. Add me back please. :) FC: 3497 1041 4758 Grass with Sunkern, Sawsbuck and Quiladen.
    3. dirkac
      To reply to the tanky snail thing in the XY Dex Discussion...

      Yeah, broken, sorta.

      I kinda made a Fakemon Evo Line from them.

      It had a Base Stat with Attack and Speed of 5, but makes up with it with every other stat.

      And hat broken ability thing, it causes a permanent status entry for yoyr own Pokémon that heals 1/16th of your HP, and can only be cleared in Rain.


      You should search for "Slugqua Sneal Aquargot" in the search box. Go to one of e newer pages of the Fakemon Club and you'll find a more detailed version of them.
    4. mjunior3
      ok, so tell me if this works: I save before battling Giratina in Diamond. I SR 1,759 times and on the next try, he is shiny?

      also, GTS kinda sucks, because everyone wants Lv.9 or lower legends for crap pokes
    5. mjunior3
      Well, i have B2, and if you have a spare Ditto, it shouldn't be a problem.

      And, do you have to SR at the beginning of the file to get a shiny Dialga, for example, or do you do it after saving before facing it?
    6. mjunior3
      oh, that helps alot! got any spare foreign dittos?

      but, how do you hunt shiny legends? just battle them until they are shiny?
    7. mjunior3
      Hi. Ummmm.... how do you hunt shinies? I've seen people say that they are, but I don't really get it. Can you help me out?
    8. Lunarasammy
      heya :3 how are you?
    9. ShinyMienshao
      Hello there ^_^
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  • About

    Shiny hunting :)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    A girl obsessed with pokemon. What more is there? :3

    Art,Video Games, Shiny Hunting


    Artist, Gamer, Poke-enthusiast/shiny hunter
    Recently Obtained (3/21/14): 4IV CHESPIN!
    My Shinies: ;071;;025;x3 (1 to be ->);026;;108;;235;x2<3;052;;077;;082;;098;;096;;097;;113;;130;x4;132;;153;;162;;202;;210;;240;;243;;244;;245;;263;;288;;296;;301;;309;;323;;325;(used to have 2);327;;398;;400;<3;423;;426;;432;:505::510::563::631:
    Shinies I want: ;159;;275;;008;;028;;020;;111;;294;;271;;279;
    Current hunt: ;001;
    Seen but killed (sadly ;A; ): ;100;