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  • Nope, I'm in Ohio, so we're in the same time zone. I guess it's just opposite schedules or something.

    Hahaha, I'm not either. Half the time I'm doing homework during my job, or planning my essays when I'm grading papers. I multitask like a crazy person just to keep up. And yeah, I know how that goes. Most of my stuff is just sitting in a folder on my laptop, half-finished. Burning Deadfall is the first thing I felt motivated to write in a long time.

    I know, right? I do that manually, and I hate it. If you find a good converter, let me know.

    Awesome, you always did give the best reviews. Ugh, oh god. Not that one. I hate how that one turned out, and after only two chapters. I'm planning a new one so that I can blow off some creative steam when BD stalls, so you'd be better off waiting for that instead.
    Here you go, both the Prologue and Chapter 1. And one of your main complaints with Opal's Shadow should be satisfied with this chapter... Yeah, I'm going into my third year now, but it's still murderous. Working part-time and having an internship on top of that... let's just say that I forgot what free time felt like for a while. Oh nice, I thought about doing a minor in PSC, but I decided on Education instead so I can get some teaching background to go with my English major.

    Well, by a long time, I meant a couple months. It hasn't been that long. And yeah, I saw it on FF.net last year and that it was much farther ahead, so I just picked up there. Never had time to give a good review, though. Actually, I think you should. On FF.net, you're likely to get smaller reviews that point out basic things and ask basic questions, whereas people on Serebii are more inclined to go in-depth. I'm doing both, since having both kinds of critique is helpful. And I'll see what I can do... no promises, but I'll try to make time soon.

    I just love how I seem to miss you by about eighteen hours every time I try to reply, don't you? /sarcasm
    Yeah, definitely. I've tried to keep up with The Aura is With Me, but I haven't read it in a long time. College kind of kills most of the free time I might have, not to mention work.

    Well, not a hiatus in my case. More of a total rewrite. Posted as Burning Deadfall, only the prologue is up so far. But the next chapter should be coming by next week.

    Pretty good. In my junior year of college now (good god, it has been that long), and working on getting an English degree. You?
    I've been on a very long hiatus as well; I just returned last month. Life has been great, though, only busier. I just can't really apply myself to Advanceshipping very much because of time.
    That sucks man, it really does. I've also been stonewalled on Opal's Shadow, I have writers block so bad I don't think it'll ever come undone.
    Hey Whats up?
    Where in the world are you Lunarshadow????
    Ur like comin after 2 months!!!
    Soo.. hows ur Story???
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