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  • Unfortunately, "Yellow-kun" hasn't been on since September 18th. D8

    I love the activity tab. |D

    So, how've you been?
    9 kids wandering around a nigh inescapable school, trying to not die. 8D

    Not much, but we get along. It's just the thought of dying afects me a bit. It's pretty much one of the main reasons why I absolutely REFUSE to enter a cemetary.

    Also, sorry for late reply.
    Of course. xD

    And not all the legendaries are taken. Terakion and Tornadus are left, and Ysa can add Mew, Heatran, and Deoxys if there's enough interest.
    I just finished School for the semester, and I have a week off before the next one starts. I have plenty of free time to stalk VM's. xD

    Besides, it'd be hilarious if you joined while I'm using a character named Leo. :p
    I know right? D: Lol, hurrah for random visits! xD

    Not much, just lurking the game forum and totally not doing a social studies project that I really should be doing. xD You?

    Or as I always say... What'cha doin'? xD
    Meh, I had about as much fun as one can have at a wedding for relatives you didn't even know you had. xD;;

    Luckyyy. I only have today and tomorrow now... And lucky me, I have Phys. Ed. first semester, right after I walk from one end of the high school to the other (twice, possibly) for honors geometry and then band, which will pretty much be straight up marching band until November...

    Almost a week has passed since my last message, and I've still done squat on my PMD-E stuff. :D I haven't even completely finished the applications. *shot* On the other hand, I have ended up thinking of some sort of plot for my Nuzlocke story. And TMS, which I haven't forgotten about. Weird how whenever I try to focus on one of my projects I almost always end up working on a different one.

    xD It's also ironic that everyone started getting Serebii accounts after the social groups were removed. We had a Serebii branch of the FC here and everything. xD

    Since I haven't asked this yet here... What'cha doin'? xD
    Hi Lunar-chan~ Yeah, everything's fine around here. Sorry for your almost heart attack! D: I was actually going to go talk to you on DeviantART after that, but as luck would have it, the next day I had to go down to Oklahoma City for a wedding. And at the wi-fi at the hotel required an account that had to be set up just to get on the Internet. It sucked. D:

    Nothing much, except school starts up again in a week for me. D: And I have yet to start on my PMD-Explorers entry which is due in 3 weeks... I'm so screwed. xD;;

    I also love how everyone started getting Serebii accounts after I left. First Lumi, then Rai, and now you have one! xD
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