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Last Activity:
Aug 7, 2009
Jun 20, 2009
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New Member

Lup3nd was last seen:
Aug 7, 2009
    1. shipwrecks
      just letting you know that due to your inactivity, i have subbed you out for the mew tourney
    2. BlueDragon
      i mean when you want to battle me for it vm me
      im ready for the battle
    3. BlueDragon
      when do you want to do the tourney battle for the resistance?
    4. AceTrainerMohamed
      no probs at all

      I'm on now ^_^

      but I'm having a battle now ^_^ I'll PM you after it if you can wait
    5. pokémon-girl
      ok, I prefer power anklet,
      fc: 3352 2108 3439 what's yours?
    6. pokémon-girl
      oké, do you trade them both for 2 masterballs?
    7. Kadeem
      Sorry mate. I don't consider clones illegit, but I don't condone it enough to do it myself. I like the painstaking work of getting them. =P (except for events, which can't really be gotten any other way). Working in the industry, I have an internal motivation to do everything I can without modification to software or hardware.
    8. Captain Pedro
      Captain Pedro
      You want your Shinys back?
    9. Captain Pedro
      Captain Pedro
      Wanna trade now?
    10. Drybones446
      Smogon University.
    11. Drybones446
      We can Shoddy now. Look for my username there. Same as SPPf username.
    12. Kingdra22
      I finally have the adamant beldum... I am going to be gone for a little while tomorrow so lets try and trade tonight if you can.
    13. Shark
      i forgot,what 5 shinies do you want again?
    14. Kingdra22
      Dont worry about it you asked for adamant and Ill get it for you. I was just thinking you wanted an attack bonus and that you might want to trade right away. I'll get you your beldum but I'm almost at two boxes. it' taking forever
    15. Kingdra22
      i have some lonely brave and naughty beldum now if you want them? still working on the adamant
    16. Shark
      but i can't trade right now.
    17. Adeku
      I'm not sure. And you did come off as being rude. =/
      You did suggest we do it over shoddy. I just do all the tests on wifi.
    18. Adeku
      I can't really rank you now to be honest.... I didn't see your skills and such. Shoddy is just inaccurate.
    19. Adeku
      Yeah I'll be on Shoddy in a minute. I have the same name on Shoddy. Challenge me.
    20. J.T.
      Don't mention it, I have too many of the things. XD;;
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    Platinum FC: 1763 0490 7739

    Everything I trade you is 100% legit. However, if you do find that it is hacked in some way that I failed to notice, I am willing to trade back ASAP. I expect every Pokemon I trade for to be 100% legit as well, and I will check.