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    I can trade you those two events you want for your:

    SPR2013 meloetta ( hasty 6 IV )
    XYZ shiny xerneas ( timid 3 IV )
    Your inbox is full, so I'm just C/P my response here:

    Check the first link I sent. The Tapus/UBs I have are in the second "spoiler," and towards the end in the LF (looking for) section there's a spoiler with the Tapus/UBs I'm currently after.

    Unless some of yours have Hidden Powers that are good (again, see my list for the ones I'm specifically after), I think I SR for a lot of these natures myself (off the top of my head, Timid Nihi, Adamant Buzz, Timid Xurk, Jolly Kart, Adamant Bulu, and Modest Lele), and like I said I have a pending deal on the Calm Fini. Still interested in the Koko like from before, and Adamant Guzzlord is a possibility depending on the IV spread, but I do have a pending trade (same guy as the Calm Fini trade) on either a Modest or Adamant one. I'm trying to find out which he SR for
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