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I have been reformed!
...However, this biography will take some time to revamp. Seeing how that I've return (When this is nothing new for you folks that caught onto my actions), this will take some time to get use from using this site.

If you have been like a friend on my roster of my page here on Serebii, and would have caught onto my constant goodbyes for almost absolutely nothing on whether it would be someone calling me out on my bullcrap, over-reacting, ranting, or just total nonsense, then this here is nothing expecting to be posted on my wall. However, this on what I'm saying is not to demand any sympathy whatsoever or to come off to be pretentious on what I'm about to say in regards of the things that I've did during the past couple of months in 2013. Looking back over the Vms, especially the ones that I've posted on my page and all, it really struck me to see on what I've became. Not to mention, the ones that I kept bugging people. I took stuff way too seriously, and in result I would do the complete opposite. Throw a fit, and then tell lies about the particular person I have flamed or worse, made the person feel bad. Even though, I have apologize for all the things that I've did when I disappear from time to time. Now that I'm 20, I've know better not to take stuff seriously, listen to people on what they have to say on corrections and such, and maybe take everyone's opinions on me. As far as most people will assume that I'm not being truthful on looking over my emotions, but for the soul purpose of myself that I have changed from my past actions. To not repeat history, I have planned on getting a job of being a janitor. Thought it would benefit myself of being open in real life.

Alright, now before you like: send a FR to me. Please, tell me why you did, I do NOT accept Random FRs...oh, and if you do, please don't take advantage of me. Plus, most of the time, I clear out my FR list from time to time. Just giving you a head's up.

Favorite Pokemon: Emboar, Salamence, Lilligant, Chandelure, Luxray, Honchkrow, Gallade, Gothitelle, Hydreigon, Reshiram, Volcarona, Zebstrika, Dialga, Raichu, Starapter, Skarmory, Dragonite, Gigalith, Houndoom, Scolipede, Moltres, Excadrill, Drapion, Umbreon, Blaziken, Tauros, Black Kyurem, Flareon, Giratina, Meloetta, Suicune, Syvleon, Vivillon, Mienshao, Scizor, Feraligatr, Eelektross, Haxorus, Yveltal, Pangoro, Aegislash, Arceus, Ho-Oh, Lucario, Bisharp, Gyarados, Quagsire, Diancie

Favorite (Mega) Pokemon:
Charizard X & Y
Gardevior (no joke.)

Favorite Pokemon Types:
Flying, Dragon, Steel, Rock, Fighting, Electric, Dark, Water, Fire, Ghost.

Favorite Pokemon Characters:
N, Hilbert, Steven, Sabrina, Skyla, Cynthia, Iris, Elesa, Winona, Candice, Blue, Valerie, Morty, Rosa, Colress, Ghetsis, Korrina, Caitlin, Fennel

May 11, 1994 (Age: 28)
In a Hopeless Place.
Favourite Pokémon


Canada said:
The Human brain is a funny thing, Do you know that?
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