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  • Sorry, I was just going on the general view on things, I didnt even consider anything else, and that was wrong of me. Once again, sorry
    Hey, sorry if that post came across as sarcastic, I didn't mean for it to offend/upset you in anyway way. Looking back, it was probably a bit harsh. Sorry.
    It's false because:

    Everyone already knows there will be a Gen 5. It's just a matter of time.

    And because nothing has been announced about Gen 5, there's no point in making a Gen 5 section. The anime still has at LEAST one more season, probably two, before gen 4 is done with. Movie 11 and Platinum need to be released internationally, movie 12 still needs to be made.

    so a gen 5 forum is pointless when gen 4 isn't even close to being done.
    i think, now that the 5th gen has basically ben revealed, you should think about making a gen 5 section.
    This is hilariously false on so many levels.
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