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Recent content by lvl100blastoise

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    What pet would you really love to own, ordinary or extrodinary?

    I want a cat. But having a dragon, a unicorn, or a T-rex would be pretty sexy.
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    Ledgendary birds

    Zapdos is best in terms of battling but articuno is cooler.
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    As a kid I used to like vaporeon but now I like jolteon better. Umbreons also pretty cool. Although none of them are a huge problem vaporeon and umbreon can both be pretty annoying.
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    Canada - The most forgotten country (AND NO IT'S NOT USA'S TOPHAT!)

    Everyone's always making fun of it but I think Canada looks like a pretty cool place
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    Does anyone still listen to Punk Rock?

    Fat mike is a pussy He wouldn't come down to florida on warped because of the heat
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    Official 'Claim Your Favorite Video Game Character' Topic V3

    Megaman/Megaman 1-9 - lvl100blastoise(07/26/09)
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    What was your reaction on the announcment of the HG/SS?

    A whole bunch of random flashbacks popped into my mind
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    The hardest starter to beat the game with?

    It's pretty even really besides the infamous first couple of gyms with charmander.
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    Let try this again.

    A physical wall pretty much screws you over, try to get in another special sweeper or mixed sweeper. Also find yourself a proper lead that can either set up stealth rock or prevent it from being put up.
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    will there ever be new pokemon?

    As long as they're making money they'll keep cranking out pokemon. Every time a new generation comes it's a whole new opportunity to bring in new fans.
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    When did you first start playing Pokemon?

    I must've been 5 or 6 when I first played red
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    Shiny Legendaries? Does it make sense?

    I always wondered the same but shiny groudon looks raw
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    Does anyone still listen to Punk Rock?

    I couldn't agree more.
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    A Mainly BL Team

    On ninetales i'd go for hypnosis over confuse ray