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  • Yeah... idk about Sealand.

    It wasn't "shown in many episodes and chapters" and also it's not the same thing (like if you were a Spanish princess you could expect to marry an English prince, doesn't mean England/Spain is canon).

    Because she never actually appeared. =_=

    Lichtenstein? Idk, but I ship her with everyone small :3 Iceland or Latvia or whatever right? Switzerland and Belgium, what about? (sometimes I ship Austria and Switzerland but there's not that many people who do)

    You know, I can let you ship only straight pairings in other mangas, but it really shouldn't count for Hetalia... they're all countries after all. =_= Like, Spain and Austria were married IRL once... if the author had changed their genders it would be the same anyway...
    Cool... well... darn, I can definitely think of some fanfics with the Nyotalia, but I think all involve at least one slash pairing... Aushun then? Prushun for you? Maybe Vietnam/Canada? Ukraine/Canada? Belarus/Lithuania? Belarus/America?
    sorry about the questions about NPC characters, but ive been thinking of a scenario where fossil attacks FA's house, and I needed some info on who would be there. I don't know if the scenario will play out (sorry for the spoiler) and Im not telling you what FA will have to do to trigger this scenario, so the story runs kinda naturally. I might tell you later though if you like the story idea. (by the way, what is a talismin?)
    What? That's all? lol. I don't even agree with you D: I ship Japan and Taiwan... on the side though.

    What about:

    Lithpol (forgot the name...)
    Ukraine/Canada (forgot again...)

    Hello, I'd like to ask you something about the TTN RPG. Approximately what is Fallen angel's wingspan? What are Aoi and Jack's prefered fighting styles (if you dont think it will give away any spoilers). And finally, is Aoi single? (I'll probably never get to the last one, but you never know...)
    Awesomesauce, because I was just about to pester you on behalf of others to get more active! Also, we're having an HP RPG C:

    I love in that one episode where Japan became just like Italy and started saying "veee" in between all his words... Lol. Actually, I think the Nordics are cool too. :>
    lol! He's awesome! :D I like Prussia though :3 nrgh >.> I had no idea you liked Hetalia btw! Kuriboh, Mew and I are all fans lol! We're thinking of having a Hetalia RPG too, because Sapph also knows the fandom and even Jun thinks Vietnam is adorbs.
    I'm really losing interest in the RP. Maybe a one time NPC villain for the moment will help make things interesting.
    It's Tapir, with an A, not Tepir. I wouldn't have said anything cause at first I thought it was a typo, except you made the mistake every time.
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