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  • Sorry if anything i said bothered you :( i'm just...really upset about some stuff right now. it might be best i try to watch more korrina amvs to calm me.

    i really do love her anyways <3
    Mine copy stopped working, but i think those games can battle with x and y :)

    I'm having...issues right now. i don't wanna think of them.

    ...I just want to be mentally well ;_; hopefully still a good person if i am too.

    but who cares about good or bad. i just want out of my mental illness. i shouldn't have to live with its drama any longer.

    autism IS NOT a 'condition'. its an illness. period.
    Welcome to serebii.net! :D I'd welcome you in your intro thread, but i have a phobia of the word 'guys' being used to refer to a group of people so i tend to not visit intro threads due to that....

    I hope we can be friends, tho! :3 I like Lycanroc too^^
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