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  • I have, but the items I'm using are on my X... My OR is very limited in battle items
    sort of a personal thing but I dont like to use multiple of the same items. I would have life orb'd but I couldn't find one xD
    I dont hate it I just wasn't expecting it xD Through I don't know what I was expecting it to be like in the first place xp

    btw Keldeo had Wise glasses.
    so I didn't mean to laugh but I was not expecting the voice I heard in that video xD Still it was interesting to hear your thought process throughout the whole thing
    hello! I'm available at anytime today, Let me know when you are ready to battle :)
    Yeah, the game chatting systems, people don't know what to say out their mouth. Reason why I'd probably join a party or lobby with friends, where they know how I am and can tolerate it, as I can tolerate them.
    My brother played CoD, but now he says they ruined it and moved on to Battlefield. I always watched, whenever I would play, I'd just want to explore the area, then I get shot for that. Now I be careful as to where I go, and try to stay out of sight, as I'm good at that.

    As for my friend, he tries to get me to play other games, but that requires me to buy them and I don't have time for that.
    Me and my friend, our games rarely coincide with each other, he likes lots of series that vibe never played and/or thought of.
    Hopefully it's not 2 year old games like your uploaded battle. Lol
    Made commentating a bit different when
    You think about things.
    Saw your YouTube Channel, can't wait for more battles to be posted. It's fun to just watch battles on YouTube for some reason.
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