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  • We'll see about these teams soon enough. But, knowing him our battling schedules don't mix up.
    Oh, I just was playing Wifi and my opponent just happened to have a Clefable, too bad he didn't have the necessary set that was need. And I do use Clefable, but only Unaware Clefable is my choice.
    I think I should be around the 1200's, and Clefable is OU so if you see it in UU something is clearly wrong.
    For Next Week's Bounty, can we get a Pokemon that's seen a lot. Or maybe I didn't play too much UU to find a Florges user. But at least you've so far had both Bounties tried so far. Who knows, I may get lucky and find a Florges to play around with, just realized I don't have any UU Teams with SE Special Attacks for Florges, only Physical. I guess I need to find a way to only make 2 of the Bounties.
    Couldn't think of anything for your Shuckle you wanted right away, but I already had Shedinja's Ready. I'll use this week's time for thinking of what I could use for a Shuckle Challenge. Gotta make them a little more Challenging.
    For the Shuckle, did you want to make the Challenge Rules for it too? Because after next Week for our 10th Challenge, I will definitely try making them a little harder to complete.
    Also how was my Clefable Bounty? Did I claim it? Is the MONEY ALL MINE!!
    Lol, and I was thinking about Buying Pokemon Red again, but my head is telling me no, I just cannot decide if I want it or not. Only because I'll be playing it on 3DS too.
    I really don't see this being a Tournament anymore, probably just battling for the top place prize, which of course I still haven't even figured out what it was going to be.
    Oh, gosh why can't it just be people, finding these Pokemon seems like we are playing Pokemon Ranger. Time to get my Capture Stylus ready.
    Ok, well that takes the Battle Maison out as they don't use Rotom Formes from what I know. And now I have to search for a Rotom-W that can do some of those mentioned.
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