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  • Ah, I've been finished with the game for some time now. Of course, I haven't been able to be online for the past day and a half though, because my Internet has been down.
    Oh, hey! I'm fine. I've just been watching an LP of Paper Mario. How about you? And yeah, I've finished breeding my Aggron and Goodra.
    Hehe, thxx, but I keep it with this for now, Wanna know how strong I am now, and want to work on a strategy. +I'm more a casual player, hehe :D
    If I knew how to clone, I could get you a hex flawless Ditto. There might be some people around the trade forum who are willing to clone their hex flawless Ditto and give them away.
    That's okay. A lot of newbies tend to make that same mistake.
    I'd love to battle you. I have to warn you though that half my team is IV bred, and I plan to rebreed my Aggron and Goodra to have 5 perfect IVs. It's a shame there's no easy way to get a quint flawless Landorus though.
    I'm fine. I'm just waiting for random people to challenge me over PSS.

    And to respond to VMs, you should click the "view conversation" link on the person's message and type your response in the message box. That way the other person gets notified you responded to them.
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