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  • Flying Witch? I can understand your other choices, but I've read a few volumes of Flying Witch and it didn't strike me as anything special. Certainly a few steps above some of the things I read, but not in a must-read way.
    (I've been offline for like a year but) Flying Witch just really appeals to me as a super comfy, intensely cute show that doesn't try too hard to put on airs. It's an advertisement for the Tohoku region, but in the most relaxed, low-pressure way imaginable, and it has a quiet human element that runs throughout it.
    Sure it's not any kind of spectacle or epic, but my ratings are subjectively based on how well a show achieves what it's trying to do. More than anything else, it makes me feel happy and fluffy to watch it.
    Hi, I was wondering if you were taking applications for workers in your shop: Misheard Whisper Bespoke Graphics. I could provide some examples if you like.
    Oh, come on. Dragon user X, DragonTrainerX, and DragonTrainerSilver. Is there a conspiracy of dragon users trying to take over the forums?
    Y'know, I was thinking of changing my avatar (because lol sticking with this one since I joined), and now I'm sort of tempted, just because astonished!Juniper is simply that epic.
    So in other words, you want me to come over to NZ (because it sure as hell isn't legal over here)?

    Alas, both of you are currently the wrong gender for me. :( You will just need to be content to be shipped with each other.
    Haha, yeah. Because then she'd start to want to ship the three of us together, and she really doesn't need encouragement. >_> (Also, I'm pretty sure the two of you aren't legal, so that's all kinds of creepy and awkward.)
    "Special snowflake" might actually be a fantastic way to describe her. XD BUT IT'S OKAY BECAUSE SHE'S OUR SNOWFLAKE, AMIRITE?

    Will totally check them out either way. Thanks for the rec!
    You have to admit, she's adorable when she does. "THOMAS IS ASKING ABOUT THE SLASHFIC, BY THE WAY." "OKAY. :V"

    Also, I have not, but now it's going on my reading list! I have to lol at your description of them, by the by. It's like a description of the Mesopotamian mythology in comparison to the Greek myths themselves. "They're like these but better!"
    About the demanding: THAT'S WHAT NOT MIA TOLD ME. :O She says you mention it. Frequently. ;D

    Also, high five for more Mesopotamian myth love! Personally, I think they've got some of the coolest pantheon ever. Or at least the pantheon with the coolest names. But on the other hand, it's kinda awesome that they did what everyone else did with their pantheons, only first. Very hipster, but at the same time, it's like, "lol all y'all are haters who're just jelly of us."

    Good luck on the catching up, by the by. XD Take your time. I still need to catch up with and review your fic (so I don't end up being a massive closet reader like I was with New Game).
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