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  • Not sure I have no ride at the moment I don't know if I have enough time to go to the library I may be able tomorrow
    yes. also, i just got a near flawless yanmega with perfect ivs in everything except defense.
    I don't mind that its from gen 4 one bit :) and yeah I still would like it you still interested in my shiny F/NF scraggy adamant ice punch, Zen headbutt, drain punch, and D.Dance?
    I can offer you a shiny adamant NF/F scraggy lv1 UT ice punch, D.Dance, Zen head butt, and drain punch is your shiny flawless houndoom LEGIT non hacked and not in a master ball if so I would like to trade with you for it
    Awesome, I have cloyster, cresslia, flawless haxourus, 31 sp att IV chandelure, garchomp eved, tyranitar, acrobat gligar lv 47, gigalith lv 48, magmortar lv 30, typhlosion lv 54 timid, gastrodon, if your interested, I an breed you physical attackers with perfect 31 att and 30 speed for non shiny larvesta flawless.
    Hi I am interested in your shinies and I am getting a shiny larvesta in a trade most likely next week with I think HP ice and morning but can't 100% remember
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