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  • Hey, I changed my mind about that social media thing. I'm making my clan here on the Serebii Forums. So prepare for another strong clan/guild as opponent!!
    Yeah, I will be Ok with just one "outstanding" Manaphy and the rest I just trade for something cool.
    oh yeah that manaphy. Gonna grab three of them. Only one for comp since I h8 SRing with passion.
    Hiii Wec :) Congrats! Ha, better bored than crisis mate. I am having quiet Saturday with mostly FEF. Did you get that green Poliwrath or what?
    Well, I'm not able to get online on my 3DS currently, hopefully that will change soon. And I will try to get my PO (Pokémon Online for PC) back sometime. Then, I'll be ready to join any Clan again. At the moment I'm trying to create a Clan on Twitter and FaceBook, hopefully it'll work out after I'm ready with preparing things for it.
    Ah, Clans, yes. I miss the days when tons of great Clans were active on here. I took a look yesterday and it seems there are four to six Clans on the whole Forums here. I remember when we had like twenty high-active Clans. I'm sorry to hear about that "dead streak" by the way.. Cool to hear you became Eev's sidekick as Co-Leader of her Clan by the way! And I really hope she forgives me, yes.
    PokémonSunMoon got me hyped just a bit, not much to be honest. And I understand, you can inform me about all the happenings andsituations later, whenever you want. My good friend. :)
    Eeeeyyyyy stranger! :p

    How've you been? Uber busy I guess :3

    When you have some time, i've got my own weather team I would like to pit against your rain team ^^
    [ I went to bed the other night without reading your VM....

    Rude... smh. Sorry :3

    It's a day off?

    I ♥ that picture.

    Breeding Wailord atm. Yes.... it's..... NU. and even in VGC it struggles. Yet... it's a whale.... :x]
    [ That's sad :( But then, 2500 attack is.... not the greatest :/

    Better monsters? xD

    Yeah, I looked him up! Such an awesome mon!

    That's alright :D. It'll be worth it.

    Did it get stale in BW2 era? I find motivation to breed anything is at an all time low. PSS is pretty dead. and there is no inspiration to make new teams at all. Sigh.

    LOL. You need a water/ground type with sap sipper as it's ability. :p]
    [ Oh wow! Getting the urge to return tbh. Pokemon is kinda stale!

    DED I come back for it :p

    I couldn't access that link. :eek:

    Excellent! Will sign up at Ygopro xD.

    Is Stardust dragon still important? Also, nice to see RDA/RDD get more support! ]
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