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  • [ What is Ygopro?

    DN has had issues since it began. More with players, but legal issues now too? :O

    Haha. poor thought ruler. :3

    Ra's Disciple yeah?

    I bought my Trish years ago! £90 it set me back!!!!!

    You no like Trish? I miss the days of 3 Brionac! And Goyo and Dark Strike Fighter! looool.

    Is it....... something different? ;)

    Naw, will build around Obelisk this time. Even though prefer Slifer :3]
    [ I have heard of that! Is it really that good? :D

    Last deck I tried to put together was a Winged Dragon of Ra deck. With Valhalla fairies as the engine! It didn't do too badly on dueling network. But then Ra is the weakest god now :(

    Oh really? So is Thought Ruler Archfiend more viable now? I remember people saying it was a bad card. Bah! Not in the slightest! Stops Dprison/BoM etc. Although..... aha! Just rambling.

    Morphtronics were always under-estimated! They were epic when released and are a solid deck! I'll have to duel you sometime! Just hella rusty :p. Your on DN I take it? Or is there a new site?

    Trishula is unbanned? :O <3

    Foolish Burial Dandy, Summon Debris Dragon = instant Trish <3.]
    [ You ran Genex? Awesome! Brownie points to you xD

    Morphtronics are awesome though. Assuming that they've had further support since the power tool dragon days? Is PTD still viable? :)

    What counter trap is that? :eek: I relied on Dark Bribe/Solemn Judgement/Bottomless trap hole all at 3. :3]
    [ I didn't know that! :eek: xD

    I haven't played competititvely since 2012 though :(

    I miss Tele-Dad/Synchro Cat/Lightsworns/Blackwings/Infernities/Dopple-Warrior ;)]
    [ Thought it would OHKO :O

    That was tense and fun! Tornadus is the best of that trio. GG :)

    Bought sand to counter rain lol]
    [ Hah. It hits so hard. :3

    I was about to swap it for Mence and remembered that was banned :3

    What time is it? :) ]
    [ He sweeps teams with speed control ;)

    Poliswag is the best ;)

    Didn't want to show I bought Mawile there cos it's banned isn't it? :3]
    [ It's ma go to tailwinder for VGC/multis. Suicune just can't cut it these days :/

    You did well too! GG :)]
    [ loooool. You are so much tougher then that I know xD

    Dat rain tho.... it's hella scary, no joke!]
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