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  • I fell asleep :3

    Being a good listener is sometimes more effective then talking. Only sometimes tho, IMO.

    haha, you are so right ^^

    Ohhh yeah. The rain theme? I can't bear Clefable. To face it in battle I mean :3. Love it really.

    Do you face a lot of "Stall" teams?

    Also, did you write the Harena regions introduction in you're guild?
    Heh :p

    Stuff on these forums out of context is pretty funny. Or is it just me? :3

    Thought you did! Try for dive ball, HA Sylveon then xD

    tbh to scared to even attempt it myself.

    Hera is a monster in the right hands xD

    Ahhhhhh, IRL i'm as quiet as a mouse. SO would be happy to listen.
    Don't you already have a shiny bug? Or was that Hera? :3

    Do you MM Ballz? :3 out of context that is so bad, smh.

    Talking monsters a fun to listen to, no? :p

    Think of something easy to MM. Nothing worse then not getting HA :3

    I'mmalright :). Want MOAR shinehs. But they ain't shining :3

    I was never very social at school. :3 How's that workin' out?
    Yeah sorta been mostly using the phone and thanks :) I can handle pressure but I do have a multiscale one as well just not shiny.
    Going to bed now too need sleep night wec I can make any promises but I can try to be on Monday or Tuesday after work :)
    lol what is 10 years my life or my comp play XD hey wec :) I am on atm with my phone checking the shiny thread while I am soft resetting a bit for shiny lugia before bed ;)
    [ Hmmm. That sounds pretty dang nice tbh

    What game do you recommend? I thought it was only an anime :p

    [ lol. The anime.

    I think the anime itself. At least the first season was better then anything Pokemon has to offer. Better then the first two series of Digimon and even better or at least on par with the first Yu-Gi-Oh! anime :)

    Not season 0, the one with Marik, battle city etc.

    I've never played the MR game :eek:

    My favourite? Pixie/Granity :D

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