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  • As a result of inactivity between September 28, 2011 and the time of this message, your claim on Flaaffy on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    Me too ,the last years of college are tough
    wish you luck in your exams

    doing great, I'm in my last years so everything pretty tough
    but I'm still getting good grades, I can't wait for graduation ,haha :)
    I do,but it's very rare to find me in messenger,right now I'm connected
    you can fid me as "Marie"
    Don't worry, I know how you feel...I'm probably gonna leave here in like a year or so cos my IGCSEs will be coming up then >_<

    Not really, it's just been an average week tbh not much happened...you? ;P
    Well it's somewhere on there, I was looking for it but couldn't find it...:/ sorry
    XD I remembered to try and talk to you from looking at the chatbox in Arkeis... you were the one who made it so then I went on the great search to find which forum you were on. Finally found youuuuu~
    We r two now
    I only get here to talk to a friend, I don't post anymore or anything related
    and msn only on weekends

    pretty good and you?
    Well, it's called Les Arcs, there are 4 "resorts" on the slopes around there (Arc 2000, Arc 1950, Peisey-Vallandry and Villaroger), the slopes are amazing quality, and it's joined up to another amazing resort as well :D
    This one is 1950 - it's not the best resort in Les Arcs, just it's still amazing :D 2000 is by far the best one
    Oh don't worry, you learn fast - I originally thought I'd neer be able to, but it all came naturally and I managed :) You should just try it, you'll probs be really good :p

    It's cos I suck at Chemistry so I'm in a set with them XD It's jokes though, in one lesson I hid under some blazers for almost the entire of it, he passed by like so many times but couldn't see me xD

    Well, my mates are pretty much the only reason I like school, since I hate lessons, teachers and homework XD
    aaaaaaaap!nkyyyhdjkhfjsdhf so sorry for disappearing for so long ;____;
    Hope everything was okay gguuuuuh I feel so guilty not telling about my absence orz orz

    Yeah I'm okay now. I just don't feel like drawing as much Pokémon as I used to though
    TCC = technical care center . you know the one in hayyat plaza ?
    Oh Rehisham , yea it's cool .
    Which starter will you choose? For me I'm choosing Oshowatt
    Oh you're missing out...you honestly have to go, it's so goood :D Tbh I don't think I'm gonna go there again though since almopst right next to it is THE BEST SKI RESORT OF ALL TIME, but...whatever lol

    Ugh, some teachers I just hate with a passion >_< Some are really nice though :)
    But then again, with the teacher I hate I'm in a set with all of the coolest lads so they can back me up if anything goes wrong XD
    ahaha I've always liked drawing, I just never posted it on serebii :3 Yes i have a deviantart, but I only post my traditional art and photography there: http://theconclusion.deviantart.com

    With smogon I do digital drawings, most of them are silly cartoons like this:

    [IMG] [IMG]

    But I do some bigger pieces for their Magasine aswell. [IMG]


    Yeah inorite :D You really should, if you ski/snowboard it's an AMAZING place :)

    Ugh, it's just my teachers kinda don't like me at the moment...one dunked my phone in a sink, though I think he might get demoted for that (tbf I was texting in his lesson but that's crossing the liine)
    Oh, cool :)
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