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Last Activity:
Jul 11, 2017
Oct 17, 2006
Likes Received:
Jun 22, 1994 (Age: 26)
Home Page:
Boca Raton, Florida
Computer Science & Engineering Student

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Local psychopath, 26, from Boca Raton, Florida

m190049 was last seen:
Jul 11, 2017
    1. BCVM22
      I've never been to Detroit, no.
    2. BCVM22
      Maybe the other realms are cyclical. If you descend below hell, you loop back around to heaven and vice versa.
    3. BCVM22
      That looked painful.


      Where did you fall from?
    4. m190049
      *Sneezes and 12 layers of dust puff off*

      Huh. I haven't moved in weeks.
    5. Skull13
      Two close games that you took right at the buzzer. Darn!

      Well, that was an interesting way to past the time. I'm just surprised that those who said they'd show up never did...

      We'll try again next week.
    6. Kreis
      Woah woah woah woah woah woahhh.

      What is this right here.

    7. Skull13
      Sorry for the delay. I'm waiting on two others. DemonLabRat & DemonSjbSnake. They said they'd be here...
    8. Kreis
      You best check yo' self befo' your wreck yo' self.
    9. Skull13
      In case you didn't receive my last PM, the next cup starts next Saturday.
    10. Skull13
      Sorry for the really long delay in the thread. I'm sure you read my recent messages, right?
    11. DemonLabRat
      ... Now, don't question my superiority over you as I say this, as I'm clearly the most perfect and intelligent idiot person in the world, and I could rule this planet if I raised a finger, due to my awesome might, but I don't actually know...
      Do not think of comments to defy me! >8(

      Same here. I have no idea why I do it though.
      I think I'll just pin it down to that picture of jam.
    12. DemonLabRat
      Sorry, I just acknowledged that you replied six days ago since I was gazing on that picture of jam for the last many hours since I posted the VM.
      So distracting.
      That, and if I don't reply, you might remove me from your mario kart friends list, thus preventing me from viewing your sexy mii.
      Though unlikely for you to do that, it was possible I wouldn't be able to see your sexy mii.
      and I WANT your sexy mii...

      But in all seriousness, what's going on over on your end?
    13. DemonLabRat
      He made a post about wanting to know who's coming, so if you haven't said already, well, you get the idea.

      Nothing... I simply had a nibble at your ears and one thing led to another
      Oh hey, a distracting picture of JAM!


      Not only have I distracted you, but I've also incorporated what you wanted with a distracting picture of jam!
      Your mind is falling further into my hands, thanks to this distracting picture of jam...
      Did I mention the distracting picture of jam pictured above with it's jammy, distracting qualities? It's quite the distracting picture of jam.
      Paragraph organization=Perfected, thanks to this distracting picture of jam.
      hehe... distracting pictures of jam...
    14. DemonLabRat
      Judging by his post, it doesn't appear serious, since he can do it next Saturday now, so I don't think we need worry.

      Indeed it does. In fact, almost the same...
      I should know. I've watched your manly body sleep... (licks lips)
      You're still not sexy though. Just my toy. ;)

      I'm sure you won't be last next time.
      (Insert joke about incorporating 5000 players and then pointing out you'd still lose so won't bother here)

      Press 1 if you think my paragraph organization is good.
      Press 2 if you think my paragraph organization is bad.
      Press 3 if you think my paragraph organization could do with some jam.
      Or press 4 if you think I'm being a bit of a prat right now.
    15. DemonLabRat
      Yeah, I know what you mean. I honestly didn't expect he wouldn't show. Still, I'm sure it's just a one-time mistake.

      They certainly were. I wish I won that last one though. Still, we can have another go another time with random battles, I suppose.

      Btw, your mii is super sexy. But not you. Just your mii.
      I shall think of it at night, before dipping my eyes in mayonnaise.

      And that is how this VM shall end.
    16. DemonLabRat
      That was fun!

      It's also fun to see you upset whenever you lose! (I kid)

      Anyway, sorry about the fact we didn't do the cup after I whined at you about it.

      Hopefully, Skull13 will be doing it next Saturday, and quite possibly if you and Atoyont attend again, we'd have 5. (DSS wasn't on because quite a bit of time had passed and it seemed he wouldn't be coming on.) Add to that the fact BlitzBlast's TV should be fixed by then, and Ultimate Charmander also could attend next week, we could then go up to 7. Hope to see you then
    17. DemonLabRat
      I don't think he's coming on, m19. Usually, Skull13 would be on as early as he can, so it isn't that likely he's going to appear.
      Which in turn means we can't really do the cup.
    18. Atoyont
      What order are the courses in the Bowser Cup in?
    19. shadow_latias
      Stop fapping!

    20. DemonLabRat
      I see. I understand about not knowing about the rescheduling, as well as forgetting and remembering just after. There are only three kart cups that haven't been done yet, though, and as I've said, three racers isn't an ideal number, so would you mind coming on just a bit more often to check what's happening? We could do this with 8, and that would definitely be more enjoyable, I think, as more players mean these last few cups could be even more enjoyable than the previous ones, which have had usually about 4 or 5 players.

      Anyway, please try to remember that the Bowser cup is to be on this Saturday. If we get the others, it could be a real blast. :)

      On a truly unforgivable note:
      Happy I-Forgot-To-Say-Happy-Birthday-Over-A-Month-Ago-To-You-Because-I-Was-Thinking-About-Keyboards-Made-Of-Cream-Crackers-And-Butterscotch-So-I-Decided-To-Say-Happy-Birthday-Today-In-A-Silly-Attempt-To-Apologize-But-It-Probably-Hasn't-Worked-So-I'll-Attempt-To-Put-Three-Happy-Birthdays-In-This-Sentence-To-Make-It-Immediately-All-Good-And-Super-Good-Which-Automatically-Puts-Me-In-The-Clear-Hopefully Day!

      EDIT:... Darn it, I didn't say the title properly. Missed out the part about chocolate forgiveness.
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    Jun 22, 1994 (Age: 26)
    Home Page:
    Boca Raton, Florida
    Computer Science & Engineering Student
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    Gamer and Anime fan. Favorite game series would be Pokemon, DOTA, and Monster Hunter.

    Video games, TV, Computer... Blah... I'm boring.