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Jul 11, 2017
Oct 17, 2006
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Jun 22, 1994 (Age: 26)
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Boca Raton, Florida
Computer Science & Engineering Student

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Local psychopath, 26, from Boca Raton, Florida

m190049 was last seen:
Jul 11, 2017
    1. DemonLabRat
      As there were only three of us attending the last cup in the super mario tournaments thread this week and last week, we're trying again on the upcoming Saturday.

      Before that, though, we just want to know as to why you haven't attended either. It isn't ideal to do these cups with just a few racers. Was there a particular problem that stopped you attending, did you not know it was happening or was there some other reason?
    2. shaq-attack
      If you think I'm pervy, you should meet my friends. :3
      But looking back on it, I don't believe how complex I made the storylines.

      I never actually wrote them out. I just remembered them, if that makes sense.
      I always wanted to make a webcomic out of it, like on SNAFU, but I worried that people would find it too far-fetched.

      I suppose Bulbagarden could be a better alt.
      I'll try and re-type what I wrote on Bulbagarden in about an hour or so, right now I have to type a letter for my mom's friend. Eh, maybe tommorrow. And you can ask me more stuff if you're still interested~

      EDIT: What Pokemon did you put in the Mystery Box? I'm kind of hesitant to put anything in there; scared that it will be a Secret Santa repeat.
    3. shaq-attack
      Son of a *****... >_>

      I wrote waaaay more for a 1st entry before the below post, but it didn't load.
      I'm sorry, but I'm far too tired to type that all out again.

      I'm going to start PMing you on GPX+ if I ever see you reply here if that's okay. I'm tired of the general slowness and failoads of Serebii.
    4. shaq-attack
      Since their corruption, the three new Shadow Humans have also had changes in demeanors. Vivid has become melancholy, a drastic change from her formerly feisty attitude. Hiro has become sadistic and wishes to hurt Megan because he "loves" her (He brutally rapes her before the Johto arc begins). Kiri relatively stays the same, I suppose.

      Because the three are infused with Pokemon DNA, they also "mate" with each other. Hiro has no feelings during this as he still only wants Megan, but Kiri and Vivid pursue a relationship.

      Just like TR, Cipher begins to have stations throughout different regions.
      Bianca only discovers her powers near the end of the arc. Though Megan did realize there was something strange about her because when she was stressed or scared she
      would have a faint glow (Mist Ball).

      That was a lot of typing.
      o.O *twitch*

      Good find about the acronym. x3
    5. shaq-attack
      Matt knows his pr0n.

      Misty and Ellen just happened to meet by chance maybe a few hours or so before they encountered Ash. Precisely.

      Drew is sexist. He believes that because she is a girl she is more susceptible to the dangers of the world.

      Laito is capable of telepathy with Bianca, but because of the distance she can barely make out his thoughts. She just knows he lives in a place 'surrounded by water' (Alto Mare).
      A little background on Laito and Bianca. They are both parts of Latias' soul put into human form after she gave her life. Latias' powers were transfered to the two, however only Laito received her memories.
      Lati is her real name, but she only finds that out after she firsts meets Laito. Before that she is only known as Bianca.
      Their names are similar because I just derived them from Lati@s. :3

      Vivid only has telekinesis in the beginning, but after her, Kirikotsu, and Hiroyuki are corrupted by Cipher she also gains the power of telepathy and fire. Bianca's and Laito's powers are that of Latias'.
      This includes levitation, numerous Dragon/Psychic attacks, and transformation. Because they're already human, they respectively turn into Latias and Latios instead.
      At the very end of my Hoenn arc when Bianca meets Laito, they become the new guardians of Alto Mare.
      During the time skip (about 4 years), Bianca became a nurse.
    6. shaq-attack
      The GAW in a nutshell:
      Annie and Oakley were able to escape their jail cell by seducing and killing their guard. Being favorites of Giovanni, he allowed them to take control of a massive army of Rocket Grunts to enslave the citizens of Alto Mare and retrieve the Soul Dew.
      It was bloody carnage, nearly half the citizens of Alto Mare were dead. Bianca lay bleeding on a bridge, having been caught in crossfire.
      Latias approached her, greatly saddened. With all of her life-force Latias created a massive explosion that killed all of the Grunts, including Annie and Oakley.
      Impatient about the progress report of the take over, Giovanni sends Butch and Cassidy for inspection.
      They are shocked to find all of their men dead, but in the distance hear crying. In blood-stained clothes they find a baby that they later adopt into Team Rocket. (Reincarnated Bianca)
      The takeover is called off and the city of Altomare gradually begins to regrow. Unbeknown to Butch and Cassidy is that Bianca(Lati) had a brother, Laito.

      Much of her involvement in the story is searching for her brother. She feels that 'a part of her is missing'. She ditches Team Rocket on their attempt to rob Megan and co. of their Pokemon to achieve this.
      She must also learn to control her newfound powers.
      So many sentence fragments. o.O

      Whee, this is fun~
    7. shaq-attack
      Well, WallyxGardevoir is hot and all, but Wally's Gardevoir is male... :|

      This is MAH story, deal with it. :0

      Ellen is a character that has been traveling with Ash since the beginning. He first met Ellen on the run from ferocious Spearow whilst she was fishing with Misty. In Hoenn, May really bonded with Ellen, glad there was a female companion around.

      Ellen is the daughter of Giovanni and distant cousin of Whitney. Both her and brother Silver were trained to be the next leaders of Team Rocket. Their mother died at a young age due to illness.
      At a young age Ellen ran away from her home to escape a dreary future as Team Rocket leader. Unfortunately, she had dropped her only Pokemon's Pokeball, Meowth, that she had received as a birthday present from her late mother. (Which would later become the desensitized and evil Persian that belongs to Giovanni).
      In addition to Pikachu, Jessie and James are sometimes hired to retrieve Ellen as well.
      Dragon Master Lance is a love interest for Ellen, having found her buried in the snow, dying from hypothermia, during her escape.

      Oh wait, I forgot. May didn't mind her daughter traveling, it was Drew that was being overprotective.
    8. shaq-attack
      Pretend Wally existed in the anime. The whole story is supposed to be a continuation from the show, not the games. :3

      I don't think I ever gave Michael a mother, so I guess Wally technically didn't get with anyone.
      Remember those two cameos that Brendan made in the movies? It was because of them that made me come to the conclusion that he is the son of Professor Birch, just like in the games, because of May being related to Norman.

      May ends up with Drew and both are wealthy, retired Coordinators. They live in LaRousse City with their daughter, Elle (named after the character Ellen I mentioned earlier). This makes Elle the cousin of both Kiri and Megan.
      Elle is rebellious and against her parents wishes, runs away from home to participate in Contests. She cuts her hair to disguise herself from anyone recognizing her and goes under an alias.
      Michael is a Coordinator as well, so naturally they are rivals. Megan recognizes Elle, but promises to keep her true identity secret.
      Elle is a love interest for Michael, but she must vie for his affection with Vivid. Vivid is the daughter of Coordinator Grace. She has the powers of Telekinesis, having inherited it from her Psychic grandmother.

      Vivi died from complications due to the childbirth.

      It's nice to tell this to someone. :3
      Ask me more~
    9. shaq-attack
      I'm not sure. Maybe?
      My computer is getting so wonky, I'm really tired of it...

      For me it's hands and feet. D:

      Don't laugh, kay? :3
      (This was before D/P existed) So it's some years into the future, and all of the protagonists have moved on with their lives (It's not so important as to what happened to Ash, Misty, Brock, May, and Ellen [fictional character]).
      Max [Maple] had wedded Vivi Winstrate who had given birth to a boy and a girl, Kirikotsu (~16) and Megan (~13). Unfortunately, Vivi dies some weeks after Megan's birth.

      Max has become the new Gym Leader of Petalburg; he has become somewhat cold in demeanor and doesn't really bond with Megan as he does with Kiri. Kirikotsu has previously taken the Kanto and Johto League, now ready to challenge the Hoenn League. Megan is supposed to accompany Kiri, as it is her first time challenging any League. However, to prove her worth to her father, she wishes to travel alone. She also wishes to not travel with Kiri because he is quite abusive both physically and emotionally to Megan, blaming her for their mother's death.
      The perspective of the story is mostly that of Megan's.

      Megan is later accompanied by a few other characters.
      Michael (The son of Wally from the games)
      Lillian (The daughter of the new regional Professor Brendan Birch)
      Bianca (The reincarnation of Bianca [dies in the great Altomare War] from the 4th movie who is brought back to life by Latias)
      &Edward Elric (lolwut? For some mysterious reason he is transported to the Pokeverse with no recollection of his past. All he remembers is his mother's smiling face and a large silver robot wearing a loincloth)

      Eh, there's a lot more to the story, but yeah...
      I guess you could consider that a prologue. :3
    10. shaq-attack
      Damn blue screens. >_>
      Made me miss a lot yesterday...

      I love to draw manga. If my scanner was working, I would show you.
      When I was a bit younger, I would make Pokemon fan fiction art about continuity after the main series.
    11. shaq-attack
      Very nice. :3

      Do you like to draw a lot?
    12. shaq-attack
      Suit yourself, then~
    13. shaq-attack
      I released my extra Tauros and Scyther some time ago, but I do have an extra Kanga if you're interested.
    14. shaq-attack
      Did you get my message about the Happiny?
    15. shaq-attack
      Unless I knew my opponent was completely incapacitated, I would never use Rest. Ever.

      *Goes back to watching Degrassi*
      ...God, I wish that school really existed...
    16. shaq-attack
      I actually manged to pull off a Sing to your DDD which left you wide open for any attack, but I wanted to test my luck with Rest. Needless to say, it didn't end well. :|

    17. shaq-attack
      Well it has been a week or so since I used Ike, but I'm actually pretty good with him in my usual Brawls. Actually he was one of the characters I was considering being my new #1 main along with Peach.

      I did use quite a few combos with Kirby, but I suppose most people are familiar with the types of combos I used.

      Yeah, I don't think I used Ness.
      I'm really proud with how much my ability with Jiggs has increased; I remember when I first mained her and thought the only way to really kill opponents was with Rollout.
      Though I still think Rest is incredibly unreliable (for me anyways). Remember on BF when I tried to Rest your DDD (I think) and I landed on the platform above you? :|

      Oh, and Sheik. Anything noticeable about her?
    18. shaq-attack
      Oh, I would have loved to see your Marth.

      Because I'm too lazy to type them all out, my mains are: [IMG]

      Anything noticeable about any of them?
    19. m190049

      Edit: What!?
    20. shaq-attack
      iknowrite? Probably the only time I've literally ROFL'd. x3

      Definitely a decrease of ability in your MK. You kept running away and dodging so many times and only attacked me during my move lag. :|
      Hm what else...

      Your Kirby was quite nice, I can tell you've been practicing combos.
      I think your last Main was DDD? He was pretty good as well.
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    Jun 22, 1994 (Age: 26)
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    Computer Science & Engineering Student
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