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  • Alright, I lied about knowing. :[ Teachez teh mehz!!!

    Ah. :/ If you get a better computer in the future, I highly recommend LoL. It's a fun timekiller, and it's free to play. To be honest, I've lost interest in the mainstream Pokémon games. I'm actually waiting for 5th gen Mystery Dungeon. I've honestly enjoyed the PM games more than the mainstream games, for some reason. Meh, I honestly haven't been playing Brawl, either. Ohhhh dear, school. I know that feeling. :x Thankfully, though, I'm a senior now, and it's almost over!

    Rly nao.
    (Sorry this took so long, exams coming up next week)

    ... Pretty much, I guess;
    Seal Team 6: Vengeance for America

    Though I can practically guarantee that, if said incident is made into a movie or game in the next few years, the rest of the world will facepalm. Especially the UK, because the public is critical of everything.

    Over here, when it was announced he was killed, quite a few people started to worry that his death would spark more terrorist action. More, however, made jokes about it.
    For example, Osama Bin Laden=Lob Da Man In Sea

    EDIT: Looks like his death did; at least 60 people were killed by suicide bombers in Pakistan today.
    I'm interested now; what's your stance on Bin Laden's death? It goes without saying he's a national hate figure over where you are.

    *Insert joke here linking Terrorist Pumpkins into matter of blah above. Crumpets finish the VM*
    Of course I do!

    Ahhh. Pretty much the same here. :/ Though I've been playing a game called League of Legends lately, to keep me occupied.

    And congrats on getting a good phone.
    Oh dear, that couldn't have been good. :/

    And lastly, sorry for the late reply again.
    Ok then.
    If you want to battle, it'll have to be during next weekend, since I'm doing A-level stuff. Probably be best if we do it on Sunday.


    Yeah, I heard this morning. Apparently people are holding celebrations in your country. Certainly very interesti-*blasted to pieces by new international terrorist group... or pumpkins, whichever is more plausible*
    (Dammit, I replied on my profile instead of yours...)

    Well, we use the word hoodies for both.
    That means we're being environmentally friendly... by recycling words.
    Clearly the UK is greater than the US for this reason.
    Kingdom>States. Accept this to continue living, young one.

    I'd probably still lose though... unless I use the legendary pokemon, Vanilluxe! Of course! The supreme power of this creamy giant will strike fear into your heart!
    Vanilluxe cake.

    My voice. Greater than yours. Forget you don't.
    That makes sense.

    Your pokemon are EV trained, as in, you've fought specific pokemon to get certain EVs, right? I don't choose who I fight, so my pokemon have an unpicked spread, and as such I'd likely lose.
    Also, there's the fact that my super smexy voice would be mocked by your inferiority...
    Certain groups or gangs of people who go about mostly at night wearing hooded jumpers which hide their faces causing trouble. They're often linked to theft, stabbings, vandalism and anti-social behavior. Some of them are also incredible idiots.

    So, yeah, you're being stabbed by needles AND tiny hoodies with knives! How delightful!

    And yes, I have Pokemon Black. At the end of the game and have the fighting trio and Landorus to catch.
    *Cries in agony. Grabs m19 by the head and smashes it into a giant Easter egg filled with needles... and tiny hoodies*
    ... Butyouwerehowareyouitwasmoving- ARRRRRG! I don't know anything anymore!
    *Lunges at m19 with blade made out of feathers and gun that fires seeds*

    It's a kind of magic
    It's a kind of magic
    A kind of magic
    One dream, one soul,
    One prize, one goal
    One golden glance of what should be...
    No, we don't have any of that...
    We just got hoodies. Drunken hoodies. Drunken hoodies with knives. Armies of drunken hoodies with knives. Armies of drunken hoodies with knives covered in cake and on fire.

    ... What do explos- oh never mind. Button pressing!
    *Presses button and watches as the rocket blasts off, cooking m19's flesh as it lifts off.*
    No, it's silly Americans, not silly Brits, you silly American!

    If Europe was in a game, and a gym was in Generic British Town A, the gym better be dark type.

    Originally blah blah blah doesn't matter blah
    ... It depends.
    Would you believe me if I told you I had a super mega awesome memory?
    If the answer is yes, then proceed to continue living.
    If the answer is no, I must say you look tense. How about you go and lay down in front of a rocket? It's ever so relaxing.
    Ooooooh, so that's why the region is so dull and simple. It also explains the electric cave... because New York has electric caves. And don't forget those guys on clouds causing storms all over. They must really hate New Yo- I mean Unova. :)

    It should be based on England... because we haz hills and highlands and fields and snowy mountains and beaches and cliffs and towns and cities and forests and limestone and rivers and chips, or as you call them, french fries.
    Mind you, if they decided to add the seasons to a game based on England, all hope is lost. In Summer, it'll be raining everyday, and in Winter, there will be traffic everywhere.(Because everyone seems to be pathetic during long periods of snow and scared of anything on the road... and would act the same way should the climate change in another way) You also have to account for how many people in this country like to moan. You'll be walking along, and when a trainer sees you, he won't come over to you; instead he'll yell at you and then instead of a pokemon battle you'll have a debate, where common sense is not very effective, and the popular types of moves are 'political' 'judgmental' 'hypocritical' and 'stupid'.
    For crying out loud, a game based on England would be stupid... maybe if we had a volcano...

    A Distracting Jam Volcano...

    On another note, you have 25,836 visits.
    I is jealous.

    Check our conversation history, and look at how many pages we have had between us...
    On page 56, we were shocked we had almost 7 pages... How do we have so many?!j>:J(D
    Hello, silly person. Yoshi Tail Soup, Baths of cake, whatever it was I used to say.

    The Harry Potter character would like to know how you're doing. :)
    My history professor absolutely hates me, so it's no surprise that I'm not doing so hot in her class. I would go into detail, but that would further hinder me from completing my book review. And to answer your question, no, I'm not reading it. I'll just flip through the book and select interesting paragraphs to use. :3

    Considering my professor is the devil incarnate, I don't want to play around much. Which I totally did. This book review is worth 40 percent of our grade. It's already past due because I was under the impression it was due on the 29th. I need to hurry and do it soon so I only get 10 points deducted.
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