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    Community POTW #92 - Special

    comparing kyurem-b and kyurem-w is like comparing reshiram and zekrom which is better: reshiram or kyurem-w? zekrom or kyurem-b? oh also kyurem-b can also go mixed with ice beam/blizzard and focus blast since it still has a nice 120 sp. atk.
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    Community POTW #89 - Special #4

    Ditto,an awesome pokemon.All u need is 252hp and 252 speed and a speed boosting nature. Voting for reuniclus, gastrodon, ferrothorn, magnezone, and starmie
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    Community POTW #79

    hp bug seems fine except its outclassed by hp ghost and ice but hp ground your reasons are not good enough to support this typeas hydro pump and secret sword are stronger with stab and surfis barely barely weaker than hpground so it has no use
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    Community POTW #77

    jolly 252 attack and speed 4 hp choice band close combat stone edge x scissors sacred sword/quick attack dont use earthquake akthough it doesnt lower your defenses terrakions stab does enough counters:These counters are not ou, but worth mentioning because there terrakions best...
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    Community POTW #51

    amazing ability?lol
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    Community POTW #45

    no matter how great its ablity is,shedinja isnt to great of a pokemon poison and burn destroy it weather hazards entry hazards and weaknesses like fire,rock,ghost,dark,flying, are pretty common still,it can stop stuff like latias and latios as long as they dont have hp fire
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    um serebii.on ash ketchums profile pikachu no linger has volt tackle

    um serebii.on ash ketchums profile pikachu no linger has volt tackle
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    #440 Happiny / #113 Chansey / #242 Blissey

    does anyone have a bold chansey untrained /252hp 252def 4 sp def with perfect hp ivs and has seimess toss and natural cure i have a shiny tornadus dw female poliway thundurus cresselia heatran lugia mewtwo
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    Community POTW #43

    cofagrigus is a great defensive pokemon but does has its flaws.first, it is outclasses by jellicent with its secondary typing and dusclops with much better defenses.and rapid spin becoming less and less common. however,cofagrigus has a solid 58/145/105 that will block stuff like scizor,breloom...
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    Community POTW #42

    the black sludge could be tricked and even if it is not a poison type it could be given to another pokrmon in yourparty
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    Community POTW #42

    thats hilarious
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    Community POTW #42

    do u have to copy everytrhing that smogon says plus the evs are put on twice
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    Community POTW #42

    yeah i forgot the whimsicott got moved lik excadrill(which i dont get at all because of conkelldurr,azumarill and breloom
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    Community POTW #42

    poison jab?o and tentacruel as confuse ray and why did u put jolly,all your attacking moves are special
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    Community POTW #42

    believe it or not this is an ou pokemon,i thought of it as useless,but then i saw smogon for the first time... even though it is in ou,it has an awfully low defense and its weakness to earthquake and forrestress has both forms of spikes, steath rock and rapid spin make tentacruel sound...